The solution used in VI Peel

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Facial peels are used to treat facial problems such as acne, skin discolorations, and enlarged pores, among others. There are variations to this procedure called chemical peels that make use of specially-designed solutions to rejuvenate the skin. The VI Peel is an example of a chemical peel.

The solution used in VI Peel is a combination of acids that speed up the natural exfoliation of the skin. These acids make the face shed dead skin faster to reveal a fresh and undamaged skin layer. This type of facial peel also boosts collagen production, a compound that makes the skin healthy.

The usual candidates for a VI Peel are those who want to eliminate common skin afflictions and signs of aging. This chemical peel procedure is available for people of all ages and skin types. Cases of acne in children of age twelve have been successfully remedied through VI treatments. The treatment is effective with adults as well. While other facial peels aren't applicable to darker skin tones, the VI Peel has a good track record for addressing facial skin problems of people having such tone.

Traditional facial peels usually require that the skin be preconditioned before the actual application of the solution. In the VI treatment, however, there is no conditioning ritual needed. The most that is done at the beginning of the procedure is the cleansing of the skin and the protection of the eyes.

Once these are done, the VI solution is applied to the skin surface, which usually takes half an hour. The solution is allowed to rest on the face for five hours then it is washed off. Patients experience no downtime and can, in fact, go home after the session. There is little pain involved in this chemical peel - if anything, patients will only feel a mild burning sensation.

The damaged skin layer would gradually come off from day three until day seven. Increased fluid intake and minimal exposure to the sun are important to attain the best results. There is also a need for maintenance treatments to prolong the effects.

As with other facial peel procedures, the VI Peel has risks as well. Changes in skin tone, both temporary and permanent, may be caused by the treatment. Patients can also attain burns and scars following the peel, although this can be prevented by proper post-op care. Another rare side effect is the development of infections and cold sores. People with heart problems or have recently undergone intense procedures such as chemotherapy are advised against this kind of chemical peel because the solution might interfere with existing medication. To avoid complications, those who have recently received facial surgery are not suited to the VI Peel as well.

The VI Peel procedure is considered a safe and effective method of facial enhancement. While the VI solution itself has yet to receive government approval, the individual ingredients for this mixture have already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The treatment is widely available in the United States for four to five hundred dollars per session.

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