The Social Gap between Displaying and Hatred for Wealth

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China's wealthy class often complains that public resentment is serious, insecure. Little imagine, deliberately showing off rich is the important reasons to cause public resentment. In front of the public, unscrupulously "burning money" will only draw fire against oneself. If the rich display wealth, the poor will inevitably hate wealth.

If most ordinary people can afford a house, it is understandable that real estate developers advertise to display rich. However, in case of the current high prices housing and the housing contradiction, this AD on one hand undoubtedly render the unhealthy desire for consumption, on the other hand, it intensifies the injustice feeling of social public, even resentment of the rich.

We must admit, our society, has already appeared a deep gap. Our current society, not only hates wealth, but also hates government. As long as the rich and the government officials, are listed. Compared to the phenomenon of hatred of wealth, the phenomenon of showing wealth in our society is also quite common. This showing off, make people’s hatred of wealth escalate more.

To eliminate the gap between rich and poor, we can't just rely on force-out ads of displaying wealth but truly improve the people's livelihood, narrowing gap.

We should see the existence of the rich and the widening gap between rich and poor does not necessarily produce this mood. Importantly, it lies in whether society has provided environment for a fair competition, which let the poor become rich through legal efforts. At least for now, in the institutional environment before regulation and perfect, we have no reason to make a conclusion to the resentment of the wealth. We also should also see its positive significance: promote social justice and promote social civilization.

Accordingly, to make this kind of social gap gotten smaller, of course, the most important is in the system to highlight the fairness, lest unfairness kill the social progress. In this era, a healthy wealth view appears to be especially important.

To create a proper respect and highly praise for the wealth, should be the meaning of the topic in the soft environment of social development. In public level, we need to set up positive healthy modern wealth view with the time development synchronization. So, in fair competition environment, everyone can and stand together with the rich people to compete wealth. Then no one will resent wealth; behavior of showing off wealth will be condemned and resisted by public opinions, which create a good social environment to increase the wealth, so as to promote the development of economy and a whole progress of the society.

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