The Smartphone Is A New Innovation In The World Of Mobile Phones

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Technology has facilitated a phenomenal growth in the capabilities of mobile phones. The latest type is called a smartphone which is sold under a variety of leading brand names. It offers advanced connectivity and computing abilities in comparison to a standard mobile phone.

A smartphone is basically a handheld computer that has been integrated into a mobile telephone. Although many standard cellular phones are capable of running applications on platforms like Java ME, the smartphone enables you to install and run other more advanced applications on specific platforms. Smartphones run 'operating system' software which provides a base for application developers.

Therefore, we can call them PPCs (personal pocket computers) with cellular phone functions. They work just like a desktop computer but are a lot smaller. Personal pocket computers are actually more personal than desktop computers. These mobile devices have powerful processors, larger screens, and a huge memory capacity. It is said that this year (2010), already more than 45 million people in the USA own a smartphone.

So how does a smartphone benefit the average man in the street? Because it offers advanced functionality, you can do things quicker than on a standard cellular phone or a PDA (personal digital assistant). It can keep you well organized because it serves as a personal computer with electronic diaries, personal organizers, automatic reminders, and contact lists. All these can be instantly accessed from the handset.

Like a PDA, a smartphone offers you flexible working. You can use it while on the move to review and edit documents, contacts, and appointments. You literally have everything at your fingertips. The good news is that more services are being created all the time for use on smartphones. Recent ones include access to maps, TV transmissions, traffic information, financial news, and weather alerts. For a business owner, this is a great way to keep pace with what's going on.

You can connect to the internet for web access or emails. You can also connect to your PC network to access data from wherever you are. This makes it easy for a mobile workforce or remote workers to keep in contact with their colleagues or clients. A smartphone offers improved information sharing because large files can be sent and received. These include website links and email attachments. A standard mobile phone can only handle small emails with no attachments.

You also get better overall functionality. A lot of models have high quality digital cameras that include a 'snap and send' feature. This enables off-site employees or remote workers to photograph and send videos or pictures. For businesses, smartphones put a new angle on marketing to clients. MMS (multimedia messaging services) enable you to incorporate music, graphics, and animation in messages.

Smartphones are essentially devices that have taken mobile phones to a whole new level. Connecting to the web and email is as fast as a desktop PC. It's is a far cry from the painfully slow process of doing this on a standard cell phone. Some cellular carriers offer their clients a service called 'always on' to make connection even easier. Connectivity also includes Bluetooth, wireless, and infrared.

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