The Smart Phone Market Race

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In the market, there are several phone operating system leaders, Android being the largest because of its market share on many smart phones. A close second is Apple’s iOS, which is used on many iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices as well as the Blackberry OS for Blackberry phones. Microsoft recently released a revamped version of Windows Mobile on the market, called Windows Phone series. It is making strides, including a recent multi-year deal with Nokia, the world leading phone manufacturer, so it will probably become a major player in the OS market. The main concern that most people have regarding the OS, or operating system, is its compatibility with mobile applications, as they’re beginning to play a big role in the market for touch screen phones.

Making the choice between which smartphone to purchase will always involve some kind of touch screen smart phone, because many smart phones today use a touch screen interface. To make the right choice, you will have to be certain the user experience fulfills your desires, such as the touch screen response time, the ease of use and layout of the screen. Today, many applications are taking advantage of the touch screen feature and this is common with the success of the Apple App Store and the Android market; the two largest after-market mobile application stores on the internet.

As a potential smartphone consumer, it’s wise to consider the battery life. A larger screen touch screen phone may allow you to have the room to play around on the screen but you will have to pay for this in terms of battery life. Many touch screen phones don’t have great battery lives, although with many screen technologies being released in the market, such as OMLED and others, it is possible to find touch screen phones that can give an average of 2-3 days of normal use. For a heavy user, that number can fall to as little as 6 hours of use, especially if the touch phone is used for web browsing and is being used as a touch screen as well.

Another concern will be the screen protection. Since the touch phones will comprise of a glass screen, it is important to protect this screen, because it is the cell phones main input system controller. There are many accessories that you can find that will protect the screen of touch screen phones, while still allowing the mobile phone to function as smart phones. With these important facts in hand, you will now be left with looking at the options that are available to you as a touch screen phone buyer.

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