The Skin Care Benefits of Natural Avocado Oil

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Natural avocado oil offers you all the skin care benefits that you would expect of a natural product without any added chemicals. It is chemicals that render most of today's proprietary so-call skin care preparations so dangerous to your ongoing health, and any of the natural products that are free of these will do your skin nothing but good.

One of the arguments against going totally with nature in the care of your skin is that nature can also be cruel to you: look at the effects of stinging nettles, poison ivy, or even deadly nightshade! All are completely natural and, in the order given above, possessing increasingly more toxic properties towards the human body. However, we have to use a bit of common sense and argue that nobody in their right mind would include poison ivy in a skin care product, or belladonna in a tonic - would they?

No, yet amazingly that is just about what the chemists do that work for the large cosmetics companies. There are chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate contained in some cosmetic products, yet it is potentially dangerous to your health, and there are many others, some of them potential carcinogens that they are not telling you about. Not so with avocado oil.

This offers no problems to your general health or that of your skin, and contains a monounsaturated oil used in aromatherapy. There is nothing else in avocado oil except the 30% of oil that the fruit contains. You can drink it without it doing you harm. A synthetic equivalent to avocado oil would fill the label with added chemicals: one or more to improve skin absorption, some to preserve the oil from oxidation (even though it contains its own antioxidants), emulsifiers and surfactants to help it spread better (an oil?).

In fact avocado oil contains its own emulsifier, lecithin, and also the antioxidants Vitamin A and Vitamin E that also help to maintain a youthful looking skin. These antioxidant vitamins destroy the free radicals that kill your skin cells and make you look older. Avocado oil can help you to keep looking younger as you grow chronologically older. It also contains vitamin D that is so important in many of the biological processes within your skin - it is not called the 'sunshine vitamin' for nothing.

Antioxidants protect you from the effects of the unhealthy UV radiation contained in strong sunlight, the free-radical generating pesticides, traffic and industrial emissions and tobacco smoke. Without some form of antioxidant treatment your skin would rapidly wrinkled and grow old as it its cell membranes are ruptured and destroyed. Vitamins A and E kill off the free radicals that cause this.

Although many people will still argue in favor of the synthetic commercial preparations, they may not have se the damage that some of these can do to your skin. OK, some might be cheap, but others are very expensive. Each price range is equally likely to harm you as well as help you, but the same cannot be said of the skin care benefits of natural avocado oil: they are completely natural and completely harmless.

For more information about natural skin care products visit Laura's website Castle Baths, and find out the specific beneficial properties of Avocado Oil for yourself,and take the first step towards retaining your youthful looks by using natural oils to protect your skin.

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