The Skills Clear Away the Aging of Eyes for Women

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Nearly all the women want attractive and bright eyes. However, the human eyes can be hurt by various reasons which can accelerate the aging. Generally speaking, four reasons can cause the aging of the eyes among women. These reasons include smoking, drinking, incomplete cleaning of makeup and unhealthy neck.

When people are smoking cigarettes, the oxygen absorbed by the human body can be consumed seriously, which can decrease the content of oxygen inside the blood. The retina is rather sensitive to the lack of oxygen. Therefore, the long-term smoking can cause the abnormal changes of optic nerve fibers. In addition, tar contained in cigarettes can also decrease the content of vitamin B12 inside the human body, and vitamin B12 is the essential nutrient to nourish optic nerve. What's more, alcohol can seriously hurt the human eyes. When alcohol enters the human body, capillary vessels can be expanded to probably cause the fracture around the eyes. The unhealthy neck can also endanger the health of eyes. The blood supply of neck can directly affect that of head, which can further affect the blood supply of eyes. Therefore, people should pay attention to the health situation of the neck in everyday life. Except smoking, drinking and unhealthy neck, incomplete cleaning of makeup can also accelerate the aging of eyes, as it can destroy the local gland inside the eyes to produce abnormal secretion.

In order to protect the eyes and defer the aging for women, some skills will be introduced as follows. First, women should not watch TV for a long time, or the eyes will be seriously endangered. Second, women should increase the intake of alkaline foods like green vegetables. At the same time, the intake of the foods containing sugar should be decreased. The too much intake of sugar will consume a large amount of vitamin A, which can hurt the eyes seriously. Third, women should relax their eyes once an hour and blink the eyes every now and then. Few times of blinking can decrease the secretion of eyes and cause xerophthalmia. Therefore, women can often consciously blink the eyes when facing computers. Fourth, women should avoid passive smoking. It is known to all that the passive smoking can endanger the human body. Fifth, women should adjust the optical line inside the house. Both too bright light and too weak light can hurt the eyes. When women are in the room, they should choose soft light.

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