The Skill of Displaying Framed Art

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You can use framed artwork in every room in your home, which makes it an important part of the decor of your dwelling. Picture frames hung upright at eye level, draw plenty of attention to them and hold an important role in influencing the all around character of your room. There are numerous ways in which it is possible to arrange picture frames. When it comes down to it, basic guidelines, current trends, in addition to your personal preferences all play a part when arranging framed art on the wall.

Hanging Pictures on the Wall

The most common mistake made by inexperienced decorators is always to hang framed pictures way too high on the wall. If you are hanging a framed picture in the dining area, hallway, foyer, or some other open wall surface area, place it at "eye level". The typical "eye level" is about sixty inches up from the floor, or one third of the way down when you are measuring from the top of the picture.

In the event the picture is being hung over the couch or chair, then a frame should be high enough that a person's head won't bump the frame when she or he is seated. Remember, many ornate decorative picture frames can stick out several inches from the wall, so be sure to protect you guests' heads. This height also makes it possible for the artwork to relate to the sofa, as opposed to just floating in open space if hung way too high. This close-enough-to-relate-to-the-piece-of-furniture guideline is true when hanging artwork above a table or credenza or chair as well.

Making Frames Hang Level

Do you think you're those types of people who is driven crazy if you see a picture frame that's not hanging level on the wall? Most people eyeball the level of it when hanging pictures, yet some use a level or some other tool. True level is not always the best - "visually level" is usually preferable given it enables you to align the frame with nearby lines such as a door frame or crown molding which may not be truly straight. When you find yourself hanging your picture, find the most logical reference point. Even if, initially, frames hang level, daily vibrations and jostling can cause a frame that is not level. It is possible to correct this issue in a couple of ways.

The obvious solution to this problem is, instead of using one hanger, use two. If your picture has a wire across the back to hang it, then use two hooks in the wall, spaced apart from one another. For the frame that doesn't have a wire, you are able to attach two d-rings, one on either side of the frame and hang up from the wall on two nails, or attach a wire between the two d-rings and hang from two hooks.

The next solution is to make use of bumper pads. These are pads that will be stuck to lower corners of the frame and help to stabilize it if it is hung on the wall, and in addition it protects the wall from scratches and damage from the frame. The very best "gripping" pads are rounded or flat discs produced from a silicone rubber or polyurethane with adhesive backs. These pads are good for use on both metal and wood picture frames.

By following these helpful tips you'll be proud how beautiful your framed art looks in your home and feel good knowing that you did it all by yourself.


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