The Shocking Fatal Dieting Flaw Guaranteed To Make ALL Dieters Fatter!

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Have you been trying to lose weight by dieting?

If you answered yes, then this will be the most important article you've ever read.

Here's why...

I'm going to reveal to you a shocking fatal dieting flaw that is common among ALL diets. That means, that no matter what diet you have been on... whether it be one of the common "low carb" ones, or some other popular one... it is guaranteed NOT to work.

And there is one single reason why it won't work. Why it can't work. Why you will NEVER lose all your excess fat while dieting.

That reason is that weight loss is a lifestyle, not a single event.

Here's what I mean...

The whole concept of a diet is simply to "starve" yourself so that you lose weight. That is the "fatal dieting flaw".

It makes no difference whether you call it "limiting carbs", "limiting calories" or "limiting fat", the underlying concept is still that of starving yourself.

And that is why it will NEVER work. Because it is NOT sustainable.

At some point you just can't starve yourself any more.

So when the diet is finished, and you begin eating normal, 99% of the time people gain all the weight back.

Reason is, because when you starve yourself your body goes into "ration" mode... meaning that you automatically store more fat. So when you eat again you tend to blow up like a balloon.

And remember, this is absolute reality.

If you are dieting it will happen to you. Study after study confirms it. Every expert knows it.

And I know this from personal experience. I tried to lose weight by skipping meals. Granted, I was able to lose a few pounds... but all that weight came back. And many other people share the exact same story.

The bottom line here is that weight loss is a lifestyle.

That means if you need to lose weight fast and you do not want to gain the weight back, then you have no other choice than to immediately adopt the right habits.

And when it comes to weight loss the most effective habits include knowing what, when and how to eat.

This means eating the correct foods, at the correct times, and in the correct way.

Here's a great example...

If you like pasta then you can still eat it. Just don't eat it during the last two meals of your day, assuming that you are eating six small meals per day. And also make sure to mix it with a protein, like chicken.

So that is just one example.

But it works like gangbusters. There are very scientific reasons why.


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