The Secret To Fabulous Hair

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Some days you just want to hide your messy hair under a hat. Then, of-course, you worry about hat-head. There is really no need to go to this kind of extreme. As in all things, beautiful hair is all about proper care and maintenance.

Taking great care of your hair means starting from the inside. Your hair needs vitamins, nutrients and hydration just like the rest of your skin and body. A good starting point to great locks is a well balanced diet and plenty of fluids and water.

You probably use some sort of lotion or cream on your face, hands and other areas. These lotions keep your skin hydrated, and add nutrients to help even out the skin. Your hair needs a little boost too! Using a fortifying deep conditioning treatment at least once a week, will give your tresses the supplements they need to be healthy and strong.

Your healthy hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month. Therefore, that six week trim is essential for keeping your style fresh. Take a trip to see your hairdresser about every six to eight weeks to clean up your style. Regular trimming will keep you from developing split ends and keep your style up to date. If you are growing your hair out, you don't need to trim a full inch. One eight to one quarter of an inch won't impede the growth of your hair, and will make sure you don't end up with messy, fly away hair.

The rule of thumb for a hairbrush is: the longer the hair, the bigger the brush. If your hair falls past the base of your neck, you should be using a larger hairbrush. Wide paddled brushes are made for longer hair and will cut down on the tangles that can develop.

Be gentle with your hair. Apply styling products when hair is still damp or wet to allow for more even coverage. It's easier to smooth a product over the slip of wet hair than the resistance of dry hair. Take it easy on the heated appliances, keeping your use down to one if possible.

Accessories should be applied with care so as not to tug or snap the delicate hair shaft. Barrets or elastics that are too tight can break hair easily. If at all possible use “ouchless” hair accessories. Products such as seemless elastics or plastic clips rather metal barrettes are gentler on your hair.

If you take proper care of your hair every day, you will be rewarded by always looking your best and having fabulous hair days.

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