The Secret to Beautiful, Long, Healthy Hair Finally Revealed!

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Do you know how important it is to have healthy hair? Hair is an extension of yourself and if your hair is not healthy, then you are not doing something right! Believe it or not, healthy hair is not just a fantasy.

I grew up with a Cosmetologist for a mother. I loved her dearly, God rest her soul, but she would never leave my hair alone! My little sister and I suffered through perms, incredibly ugly haircuts and worse. She must have colored her own hair at least a hundred times during my lifetime. Needless to say, none of the females in my family have ever had healthy hair - until now! Ironic, isn't it? You would think with a Cosmetologist for a mother that we would all have long, luxurious hair.

If you think about it, we all do very damaging things to our hair. A lot of times we don't even know we're doing it. From drying to straightening to curling to braiding and weaving, our hair goes through a lot! It makes me tired just thinking about it. Even just being in the sun will damage your hair as much as it will damage your skin. (Sunbathing has always been a passion of mine, again thanks to dear old mom!)

As a result, I struggled with my dry, brittle, frizzy hair until I reached my forties. (I'm 42 now!) I look back at pictures of me when I was in my twenties and I can't believe how ugly and frizzy my hair was. I was always told that I was pretty, but I don't know how anyone could have thought that. Morons!!! You ladies (and men!) don't have to go through what I went through.

After several years of trial and error with just about everything under the sun, I found the solutions. I remember the inane way I would tip my head upside down to try to get just a little volume, along with alot of other old wives' tales about healthy hair. depressing.

Anyway, I digress; I finally found out the perfect way to have my hair EXACTLY the way I want it every time. It really doesn't take much, and you will find in the long run that it is sooooooo worth it. Here are some great tips I would love to share with you!

•HAIR OIL -Ensures you will never have a bad hair day by stimulating growth of strong, thick hair. (Sure to get you noticed!!);

• LIMP STRAIGHT HAIR - Sort hair into sections. Slightly moisten each part with water or volumizing spray. Roll sections under or over with appropriate sized VELCRO rollers. Let hair airdry or blow dry (with rollers still in) and style as desired;

•SPLIT ENDS ALL THE WAY TO THE SCALP (My life story....) - Again, using Hair Oil just one time will help to tame some of the fly-aways. Also, you may apply a thin layer of TEXTURE BALM to the palms of your hands and gently smooth hair from the roots to the tips. TIP: Don't use too much! Your hair will look greasy!

•HAIR VITAMINS - Can be essential for certain people and they don't even know it! These will help promote amino acid blockers, making hair strong and harder to break.

•DRINK WATER! - Hydrated hair is nourished hair. Very important in keeping hair healthy and shiny.

•CHILDREN - Start a healthy hair care regimen for your children at an early age. Also, make sure their style is easy enough for them to manage when the little tikes are old enough! Use a LEAVE-IN DETANGLER as often as possible to reduce stress from normal everyday grooming. Make sure hair care isn't painful for them!

Never have a bad hair day again, ever! Forget everything you thought you knew and stand by the above points. I guarantee you'll have a wonderful outcome! (Even if your mother didn't torture you with hair remedies as a child!)

Deb Townsend is a successful home business owner and business author.

She makes her living comfortably from the peace and quiet of her home and loves to share her successful techniques with as many people as she can.

Deb writes about many different things hoping she can help as many people as she can. Stay tuned for more exciting articles and tips for success!

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