The Sciphone Mobile Phone Revealed

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The Sciphone is quickly becoming the most popular low cost mobile phone on the market. But what is the history of this remarkable phone? Released several years ago the Sciphone i68, due to its improved reliability and features, quickly succeeded the Hiphone brand that came before it. Designed and manufacturerd in China: the i68 was followed up shortly afterwards by the i9 and i9 3G models.

Consumers looking to purchase Sciphone are often detered by the large variety of models now available on the market. The most popular model is still the i68: which, like the majority of Sciphones, offers Dual Sim Phone functionality, Quadband network frequency, completely unlocked sim slots, a touch screen interface and dual battery packs. Also popular are the slightly more expensive Sciphone i9 and Sciphone i9 3G models. Both these models feature additional applications and games (the i9 3G having the largest number.)

A major incentive for choosing a Sciphone i68 is the dual sim functionality the model offers. Dual Sim functionality allows two sim cards to be placed into the phone and operated simultaneously. Obviously, having only one mouth, it is not possible to answer two phone calls at the same time but continually receiving texts from multiple phone networks and interchanging between two sim cards without having to alter any settings or swap sims manually is completely possible.

Don't be confused by the plus symbols after a model of i68 or i9. This is merely a strange way of designating the version number. Much like second and third generations of the iPhone the Sciphone i68 and i9 are constantly being improved with more reliable hardware. Don't worry too much about hunting down the latest version, updates are usually minor and If you buy a new Sciphone its most likely you'll be getting the latest version anyway.

If you lead a hectic life and don't have time to worry about your mobile phone a Sciphone is perfect because its so inexpensive. You're not going to be constantly troubled about a phone that cost you a fortune getting damaged, lost or stolen. The i68, while still stylish (we challenge anyone to tell the difference between a Sciphone and the leading brands from a distance) and packed with the features you'd expect from a new phone is one of the cheapest mobile phones available currently.

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