The Scent Makes The Man

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A great scent can be intoxicating. It adds to your appearance and generally makes you more welcome and appealing to others. Men should not skip this essential step when getting dressed for the day, because putting on your scent is as important as putting on your pants.

Each man already has his own personal scent, so not every fragrance or cologne will complement it. Just because your Dad was an Old Spice man, doesn't mean it's the right choice for you. Take a female friend, spouse or relative with you when you shop for a scent. Women have an uncanny nose for what will attract or detract from your image.

You should always test out fragrances before purchasing. Allow the scent to linger on your skin for a few minutes, to absorb and combine with your natural oils. If you're not a fan of cologne, many leading fragrances for men are also available in body washes, body sprays and deodorant. These products don't contain as much fragrance oils, so you can still smell great without worry that it is too overpowering. Body sprays and deodorants are especially refreshing after a work out.

Keep in mind your lifestyle when choosing your scent. If you have a physically demanding job and you perspire a lot, you'd be wise to choose a clean and deodorizing scent, rather than something musky. You can always choose once scent for work, and another for fun and play, so you'll always be at your best.

The designer fragrances available for men are taking up almost as much shelf space as women's perfumes these days. You'll have a wide variety to choose from that will not only enhance your natural scent, but you can play up your personality. From husky and woodsy fragrances to light and sporty scents, you can find a cologne to match your lifestyle perfectly.

Some of the more popular men's fragrances include Antidote by Victor and Rolf, Givenchy by Givenchy and then of-course, there's grass roots favourites like Diesel Fuel for Life. Of-course, you can always find success with classic men's scents like Polo and Old Spice.

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