The Romance Comedy Genre which every likes

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Today there are tremendous romantic comedy movies which can be watched and while naming the best is not easy, ‘City Lights’ is a romantic comedy worth watching.

The romantic comedy genre is one which everyone has an admiration for. The romance comedy movies are simply fun to watch and are quite light hearted. Watching romance comedy movies means getting a good laugh or even getting emotional as well. The main plot theme in most romantic comedy films is romance, love and passion, but certainly these movies would not be complete with the humor which remains in the background. Thus romantic comedies are in fact the perfect blend of romance and comedy which makes these movies totally entertaining. Whether being watched alone or as a couple, romantic movies can be really fun, in any case. There are numerous romantic comedies out there, each of which is targeted at a different age group.

If it actually came to naming a truly best romance comedy movie, not only would it be difficult to choose but in fact the list could comprise of a lot of good romance comedies and naming them all would simply not be possible. Some romantic movies from the past are considered to be the finest classics which are still charming, while others which are produced in modern time are also very humorous.

Anyhow romance comedy movies, from the classic age which should be mentioned here is ‘City Lights’. Charlie Chaplin is the director of the movie which was produced in 1931. Naming a truly great romantic comedy movie of all time would certainly mean naming this film. This is a really hilarious and humorous Charlie Chaplin movie which intertwines comedy and romance. In the movie, Charlie Chaplin plays a poor tramp who falls in love with pretty but blind flower girl, played by Virginia Cherrill. This romantic comedy film actually portrays how innocent love can actually be. In order to win her over, Chaplin’s character in fact has to go through several hurdles to win her over and then there is also the situation of her being blind, all of which deepens the plot.

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