The Role Of The Counsellor – Part II

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People's feelings on this subject are very mixed. Most turn down the offer of independent counselling, sometimes because they misunderstand its role, or fear the stigma attached to it, that it is a sign they are mentally ill or disturbed. Some worry that if they go to the clinic's counsellor they may be perceived as being inadequate and be struck off the list for treatment -even if they are referred to the counsellor by their doctor in the first place. They worry that the doctor thinks they are not coping, and that the counsellor may say the same thing. Others feel that counselling is just another invasion of their privacy, on top of a lot of extremely intrusive physical procedures. Those who have children naturally do not have to be counselled -there is the feeling that because people are infertile they must have emotional or psychological problems about their condition.

Rosalind Edlin, the counsellor at the IVF Unit at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester, says that it is important that people spot the warning signs and get help from a counsellor before they run into a crisis. Some of them include feeling very isolated with no one to talk to, especially for women who are at home on their own and whose friends are having babies. You may have friends who are not prepared to listen to long descriptions of how you feel about treatment - or you may feel you do not want to bore them. Other signs are feeling an overwhelming need to talk, feeling anxious or depressed. You may want coun¬selling at any stage of treatment - even if it is successful.

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