The Reality behind Reality Shows

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The small screen is gripped with the reality fever. Reality shows are running with full fervor on and catching the imagination of the Indian nation. Indian reality shows like Saregama and Indian Idol are now the hot topics at the dinner table, in canteen and in lunch hours.

Reality shows are breaking the traditional monopoly of the scripted drama shows. Watching and enjoying reality shows has become India's favorite recreational activity. Reality shows are essentially a publicity device that cashes in on its celebrity and wannabe-celebrity participants. These reality shows are based on real-life situations where the universal aspects of human nature are shown in a very expedient manner.

Behind the glory and the façade of the reality drama lays a world of exploitation. Critics even assert that these realities help in making pseudo stars and use humiliation and strict insult as the core appeal of the show. The day to day humiliation and disgust faced by the contestants is now the regular affair in the shows. The participants who are the part of these brainstorming shows express their real insight throughout the show.

Experts are now coming on the screen to criticize the dramatization of emotions, sentiments and personal feelings. They assert that every individual has his own moral choices, temptations to make mistakes however this reality shows the perception in entirely different way. The people behind the reality show intentionally undermine or distort moral of the viewers just for getting some minor monetary benefits a particularly better TRP ratings.

Critics are very afraid about this offensive notion of the reality shows. The end result of reality shows is instigating moral conflicts, encouraging sheer temptation and passiveness in the viewers, all for the inflicted sake of reputation and monetary gains.

Australian author Vaughn Alaine-Marshall has written his ground breaking novel Überstar ( that illustrates the harsh realities behind the reality shows. This three part series from the house of Hendlin Books ( accommodates saga of some world's biggest reality shows running world- wide. The novel illustrates the dark side of the story that has never seen the light of day. The humiliation and revulsion, contestants go though is enlightened in the book very brilliantly.

Hendlin Books is a publishing firm and online bookstore that offers prominent books, novels and magazines at affordable prices. Hendlin Books publish the concepts of the Reality shows which comes through Überstar novels.

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