The 'Queen' Makes Her Annual Visit To The Desert

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Every year between mid-June and the first week of July, the Queen arrives for her annual visit to the Sonoran and Chihuahan deserts - the Queen of the Night that is, a cactus flower that only blooms one night a year.

With such a small window of viewing opportunity, few people have ever seen the Queen of the Night in full bloom. Yet its dramatic white petals are really the least remarkable thing about the night blooming cereus, or peniocereus greggii. In fact, the Queen has one of the most remarkable of desert Southwest fragrances, which has actually inspired an entire line of women's fragrance products, including a women's perfume.

The Queen's cactus blossoms can actually perfume the air as far as a quarter-mile away!

"Sometimes small miracles are overlooked," says Joann Petz of Once in a Bloom Fragrances. "I didn't want the Queen to be one of them."

In fact, Joann was so intoxicated by the Queen's fresh floral aroma with a touch of sweetness that she decided to bottle it. Since the Queen of the Night is a rare, protected plant that blooms so infrequently, the flower could not be harvested in the traditional manner. Instead, this unique scent had to be re-created with a mixture of essential oils, a task Joann gave to a master perfumer, or "nose."

For 10 days during the Queen's optimal blooming period, this master perfumer stayed in the desert waiting for the night blooming cereus to blossom. He memorized the scent, went back to his laboratory and re-created it for Joann's Desert Queen® perfume, and bath and body products.

Now you can experience the intoxicating aroma of this desert royalty in any one of the following Desert Queen products:

* Eau de Parfum, the first fragrance to capture the essence of the Queen of the Night - a clean, fresh and warm floral scent
* Hand and Body Lotion with a special blend of vitamins, antioxidants and botanical extracts, including jojoba oils
* Scented Soap, luxurious French-milled bars containing a blend of vitamins and botanical extracts
* Bath and Shower Gel enriched with natural antioxidants, botanical extracts, and vitamins A, C and E
* Aromatic Candle with an essence that will fill your home and linger long after the candle is out

This unique Southwest fragrance is also available in a gift set that features a collection of these unique products.

"Desert Queen celebrates the mystery of the desert and its secret fragrant treasure," says Joann of this night blooming cereus, "something I can now share with women everywhere." To learn more about the Queen of the Night cactus flower and to try Desert Queen women's perfume, and bath and body products, visit

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