The Protidiet Solution: Safe, Healthy Weight Loss

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If youíre a typical American, then you probably have some experience with trying quick weight loss diets. Whether itís a New Yearís resolution to get in shape, or slimming down for an important event, the weight loss question on most Americansí minds is: which diets really work? Well, the frustrating answer from the medical world is that technically any diet which reduces calorie intake while increasing exertion, will work. But as we all know from actual experience, not all diets have the same success rate, and for that matter, theyíre not all healthy either.

High Protein, Low Carb Success

Many celebrities, athletes, and doctors are quick to recommend a healthy high protein, low carb diet, not only for successful weight loss, but for healthy maintenance as well. When we eat carbohydrates, they are converted to a form of sugar that our bodies can readily use for energy. The problem is, most Americans eat way more carbohydrates, and so end up with more sugar than their body actually needs. So what happens to this excess sugar if itís not used for energy? Our bodies are nothing if not efficient, so the excess sugar gets stored- as fat. By restricting carbohydrate intake, we can reverse the storage process, breaking down fat to be used as energy in place of the missing carbohydrate sugars. Because youíre directly burning fat, weight loss tends to be fairly rapid. This is how the old low carb quick weight loss diets worked.

Then the health and medical industry noticed a significant problem. Biologically speaking, fat stores were meant to be accessed during times of privation. So when the body goes into a state of rapid fat loss, it naturally believes that itís starving. To maintain optimum health, our bodies need more than sugar energy alone. We also need a certain amount of vitamins, nutrients, and proteins to maintain muscle tone and organ function. Since the body believes itís starving, it begins breaking down its own proteins, stealing needed substances from our muscles and organs. This realization caused the rejection of straight low carb diets and weight loss drinks from the medical and health community.

Diets advocating high protein and zero carbs then became popular, but this extreme ratio had its own drawbacks. The body does need some carbohydrates to balance out protein ingestion, beyond the energy it can take from fat. Without any carbs, excessive strain is placed on the bodyís filtering systems, such as the kidneys, and osteoporosis, kidney stones, and high cholesterol are a few of the possible negative side effects.

Today, we know that the solution is to combine a healthy ration of low carbs with high protein, giving the body an easy alternative to breaking down its own systems. Like water, your body will always take the easiest, most natural course to procuring energy. With the introduction of high protein, low carb diet products such as the Protidiet bars and shakes, we can once again enjoy safe, rapid, and permanent weight loss.

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