The Pros and Cons of Dahle Vantage Paper Scissors

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One implement that every office, household, classroom, and individual needs is a good pair of scissors. It's one of those tools that, although you may not use it on a daily basis, when you need it, you need it, and you probably don't want to spend a lot of cash on it. The solution to this problem is a pair of Dahle Vantage Paper Scissors. These are high-quality shears that are designed for cutting paper (i.e. coupons, newspaper articles, craft supplies, etc.) and they're very affordable. So here are the pros of these tools, plus a couple of cons.

The Pros:

  • These cutters come in three different sizes. They are as follows:
    • Model #40005: 5 inches.
    • Model #40006: 6 inches.
    • Model #40008: 8 inches.
  • These cutting tools are very affordable. The 40005 pair is the cheapest in this series and can be yours for the low price of $3.49. This makes this pair of scissors affordable even for those on tight budgets. (They would be great if bought in bulk quantities for schools.) The 6-inch model costs $4.49 and the 8-inch pair retails for $5.49.
  • The blades on these scissors are made from stainless steel that is rust-resistant, so if your pair gets wet, you won't need to worry about anything. Your blades will always remain sharp.
  • These tools can cut any type of paper imaginable and can also handle card stock. They are perfect for crafts.
  • The handles are made from molded plastic and they are comfortable, allowing you to have a pleasant cutting experience. It is unlikely your hands will get tired when using these shears.
  • These scissors are perfect for use at home, school, or even at work. They are a great choice for people who need a basic cutting tool that won't break the bank.

The Cons:

  • The types of materials you can cut with these scissors are limited. For example, you won't be able to cleanly cut fabric, so these tools aren't ideal for people who sew a lot. You may be able to use them when knitting or crocheting though, so long as you're just cutting strands of yarn and not knitted fabric.
  • These are Dahle's entry-level cutting tools so they lack the features of more advanced products such as the Super Shears and Professional Scissors. Those products can easily cut items other than paper and they are made from higher quality materials. (For example, Super Shear blades are made from high-quality Solingen steel, the same steel that's used in many of the company's premium paper shredders.)
  • These cutters have a very limited 90-day warranty while Super Shears have a lifetime warranty.
  • Also, while the handles of Vantage scissors are pretty comfortable, they are not as ergonomic as some other pairs of scissors. If you need shears like that, you should check out Dahle Vantage Comfort-Grip Shears.

Overall, Dahle Vantage scissors are a good choice if you simply need an affordable set of shears for cutting paper. It's wonderful that these cutters are so affordable given the rough economy, and that they're high-quality despite having a low price point. Although they lack some of the features of Dahle's more expensive cutting tools, these shears should more than meet your paper cutting needs.

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