The Promising and Hot Nokia N900

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The Promising and Hot Nokia N900

Nokia N900
, the next tablet/smartphone/whatever to bat against Apple's iPhone, ships today. It's a big occasion for Nokia, as the N900 is its most powerful smartphone yet, and the device's Maemo 5 open source operating system is a diversion from Symbian, which Nokia tends to support. The Nokia N900 is one of the latest mobile computers to come from the Finnish mobile device maker. It has the same general shape as Nokia's earlier Internet Tablets: a slider with a large WVGA touchscreen and a landscape-oriented keyboard.
I've been tempted by the N900 since I got my first one. Here's a look at what's promising with Nokia N900.
Fast – like the other Nokia series Nokia E90, the device is quick, sporting a 600mhz processor and 256megs of RAM (with an additional 768megs of swap space) it multi-tasks like a dream
Storage Space - By default it has a 27gig storage partition for media and files. Also is a mircoSD expansion slot that will take up to anther 16gigs

Powerful Camera - 5.8 mega pixel camera with a full flash. It takes sharp pictures and video recordings
Nokia Sponsored Community Repositories - FOSS applications written (or ported to Maemo) by the community are housed in an official "extras" repository. Installing additional applications from here is as easy as adding software to Ubuntu via the software center.
TV Out - Provided with the phone are RCA cables to hook your N900 into a television/projector that hook into the headphone jack.
Fantastic Browser - The N900 arguably provides the best mobile web browsing experience out there.
USB-Micro Charging - The N900 charges via a standard USB micro connection, instead of some odd proprietary jack like many devices.
Crystal Clear Screen - The 800x480 resolution is beautiful! Everything displayed on the device is crisp and clear.
Hot: Monster Specs
Nokia likes to call the N900 a "mobile computer," and that's partly due to the device's hardware. There's a 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, 1 GB of application memory and a 3D graphics accelerator with OpenGL support. The 3.5-inch display has a resolution of 800 x 480, and there's a 5-megapixel camera with flash and autofocus for photos and video. Best of all, 32 GB of storage is on-board storage, expandable to 48 GB with a MicroSD card.

Hot: Maemo 5 Operating System
This thing looks smooth as it swipes among four home screens for your contacts, favorite apps, bookmarks and communications. Yes, it can multitask, and a handy button lets you see which programs are currently running.
Of course, everything has its merits and defects, so is Nokia N900. However, its potential disappointing aspects can never overweight its superiority. That’s why Nokia arrange like N900, Nokia E90, Nokia E73
, etc, is always warmly welcomed by world people.
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Nokia N900, Nokia E90, Nokia E73

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