The Price of Beauty: Wrapping The Body in Mud for Detoxification

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California is often described as the ideal summer getaway. With plenty of scantily clad beach goers carrying surfboards, playing beach volleyball, or simply getting their tan on, California is living up to its distinction of being a famous summer destination.

One city in California is slowly becoming popular not just for the sandy beaches and hot surfing weather. San Jose, CA is becoming a popular spot for those who not only love the beach, but also for those who want to keep their skin protected from the effects of the sun and the sand.

San Jose California is one the cities that are part of the San Francisco Bay area. It is the in fact the largest city in the San Francisco Bay area, and the tenth largest city in the United States. With the hot weather that surrounds the San Francisco Bay area, skin care is becoming a priority among San Jose CA residents.

One form of skin treatment available at health centers in the San Jose area is the body wrap. The typical body wrap San Jose residents benefit from, uses mud infused with minerals wrapped in different material such as plastic wraps and seaweed.

The positive effects of body wraps simply cannot be underestimated. Body wraps help cleanse the body by detoxifying it and flushing out toxins and other impurities through sweating. The moisture in the wraps then helps rejuvenate the skin by reintroducing moisture lost through exposure to the elements. Many of the body wraps San Jose CA health and fitness centers offer boasts of the detoxifying effects of this treatment.

Another controversial benefit to body wraps is weight reduction. Despite having little credence, many of the body wraps San Jose CA offers mention weight reduction as one of its benefits. Truth is, while body wraps do exhibit rapid weight loss, the lost weight is immediately regained by drinking water or eating meals.

Being one of the more popular spa treatments being offered in the state of California, the classic San Jose body wrap can cost a pretty penny. But the detoxifying effects along with the reputed weight loss can make every minute under wraps worth its weight in gold.

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