The Power of Promotional Marketing

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Marketing can be done in many ways. The most common way is to often use commercials or advertisements. You see these everyday on the internet and in television commercials. Then there are more subtle forms of marketing, such as you might go to the movies and see your favorite actor using a dell lap top in big Hollywood movie, you can be sure that Dell paid for that kind of marketing. Then there are the more annoying in your face kind of marketing. An example of those are usually your typical online pop ups or a telemarketer calling your house. Promotional items are another form of marketing that dominates our society.

There are direct and there are indirect forms of promotional marketing. Nike is a perfect example of a form of direct promotional item marketing. Nike puts all his symbols on his popular items which also happen to his products. This is very direct and this is also very cheap. That is because not only is the marketing free because it appears on your own product but the customers are willing to pay more for that symbol to be on the product. This type of marketing helps you make money directly and thus it is a direct form of promotional item marketing. Direct ways usually are the most profitable if you can get your customer to love your brand.

An indirect form of promotional item marketing can be seen from thousands of companies. A lot of internet gaming companies have t-shirts named after their site or mugs promoting their business. This is a indirect form because the company’s main products aren't t-shirts or mugs. They are creating them for the sole purpose to help spread their name. They are creating these products to help their name break into a more general market. The people who usually do this type of work tend to be companies that are trying to expand their market place. Burger King can be one example of using best items for indirect marketing. They often place their company name on items non-related to fast food. They can place their name on goods such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, and even toys. This is all part of a promotional item franchise to help build their company up. Indirect amazing items tend to make less income than direct promotional items. This is mainly because they cost extra and often times do not drag in a lot of income.

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