The Popularity of Sunbeds is Rising

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The popularity of sunbeds is rising, fuelled by unpredictable weather, time constraints and an increasing desire to have an even, all-over tan. Sunbeds have had to overcome a bad reputation following years of misuse by avid fans. Today, armed with information about the risks that the UV light poses, users who follow the strict guidelines can achieve the desired results with far less risk to their skin. Recent research indicates that sunbed use in salons and in the home is steadily rising. So why has it become more popular?

In this hectic world of instant demand sunbeds offer a quick and easy option for tanning. A natural tan can take days to acquire, lying out in the sun for hour after hour. By contrast, a sunbed user can achieve an even tan in few ten-minute sessions. Furthermore, this method of tanning is not tied to unpredictable weather. There is no need to risk inclement conditions in pursuit of your bronzed look as a sunbed tan can be achieved all year round.

For those who live in a colder climate this can be the perfect way to start off your tan prior to a summer holiday. Many people feel that they can’t face the beach with their white and ‘pasty’ skin. This base tan will help you to feel confident and glamorous ahead of a beach holiday.

There are many methods of tanning, including the increasingly popular fake tan. However sunbeds have the advantage over these methods in several ways. Firstly your tan will be streak free. Streaks are the most common complaint with regard to fake tanning booths, sprays and creams. Even the vast improvements in fake tanning products cannot guarantee a streak-free tan, whereas sunbeds offer a genuine and even tan.

The nature of fake tanning solutions means that they will quickly fade or wash off. Those who wish to swim in pools often find the chlorine reacts badly with their fake tan and can cause unevenness and fading. By contrast, sunbed tans stay put. Whilst all tans are subject to natural fading over time this type of tan will take longer to disappear and will remain more even throughout.

Another complaint of fake tanning solutions is the ‘orange’ look that often follows. It is often obvious that fake tan has been used as the resulting colour is brighter and more ‘you’ve been tangoed’ than ‘golden glow’. A sunbed tan will look natural, particularly for those who follow guidelines and do not overuse the beds. A golden brown colour can be quickly achieved and maintained.

Those who have used the beds before often state that they enjoy using them. Tanning bed use can be very relaxing. For a start they offer warmth at any time of year. In addition many users enjoy the bit of ‘me’ time they get whilst using a sunbed. For those who find the winter months arduous at best and suffer from a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder there is some evidence to suggest a short burst of sunbed use can improve your mood.

In the concern over health risks the potential benefits are often forgotten. Vitamin D can be particularly hard to come by in the cold and sunless winter months. This vitamin is crucial in maintaining healthy bones by facilitating calcium absorption. Sunbeds can offer a boost in Vitamin D, even in the depths of winter.

The results of sunbed use, an even, streak-free tan achieved quickly in a relaxing way, perhaps account for its popularity despite health warnings. Whenever beds are used it is crucial that medical advice is sought and guidelines are followed. Under these circumstances the popularity of sunbeds looks set to continue, as a pampering opportunity which gives you an added confidence boost.

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