The Popular Pop Star Lady Gaga

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The popular pop star named Lady Gaga has recently made a revelation that she is probably a patient of the life-threatening disease called lupus. Her aunt had also died because of this disease. The "Poker Face"(as she is referred to mostly) singer has absolutely refused to reveal what her hospital tests and their results had been and if she is or is not suffering from this disease. The popular US musical TV show titled "Glee" has recently made an episode that is a tribute to Lady Gag and her songs. Lady Gaga is simply thrilled and very excited at the inclusion of her songs in the respective program. It has already been broadcasted in the United States.
In a recent interview that she has given to the Entertainment Weekly, she has stated that she is in love with the show "Glee". In fact she has said that she loves its entire cast and is a fan of the creativity of the show's writers. She had always dreamt of making it big someday and students' singing her songs and this dream has come true thanks to Glee.
Lady Gaga has been a source of inspiration to many including Greyson Michael who hit the jackpot when he made a video of himself singing the cover of Gaga's song titled ‘Paparazzi" that had been posted on the You tube. Both his voice and the way he plays music have won him millions of loyal fans all across the globe.
The popular US star named TI who makes music belonging to rap genre has recently revealed that his new music album is going to feature a collaboration with Lady Gaga. While he was giving an interview to the MTV News, the respective Grammy Award-winning singer also stated that Lady Gaga was an exceptional singer and a very talented performer. Lady Gaga is very popular for her crazy outfits and her team of bodyguards who are always saving her from fans like this one time when they had gotten too close to her on stage when she had been performing in Japan.
At present she is in the midst of a European concert that is titled the Monster Ball tour. While she had been in Japan things got a little crazy and some fan of hers had gotten past security and had jumped on the stage. It enraged her a lot and she fired the whole crew.
She is the kind of performer who is always striving for perfection. There have been several reports that have stated that she had been extremely cross when the Japan incident took place and had waited until two dancers who had been dancing on the stage had taken care of her admirer.
The 24 year old Lady Gaga has sought medical advice on more than one occasion in the past year when she had suffered from a string of health problems which included difficulty in breathing, having a blurred vision and constant headaches, hence the tests for the disease "lupus".Get your cheap lady gaga tickets before they sold out.

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