The Political Bird Has Broken It's Wings

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To fix the bird!
I'm not sure myself if politics in our country has ever been as confusing as it is these days. Maybe my own perspective of our country clouds my understanding, but as I see it now both sides are broken. Our country is turning in upon its' self, the media fuels the fire, die-hards from either side are becoming irrational and everyone is bashing the other side. Debates become wars of words, twisted and tangled and used to misconstrue and misdirect the truth. The points get lost in the rambling and tempers flare. Understanding and patience, wasted in the haste. Something has gone wrong. No one has a definitive answer, so blame gets tossed back and forth like the ole' hot potato! The right wing is broken, the left wing is broken and the body can't fly on it's own. It sits there staring down in dismay, wondering as it wanders in circles. When will it fly again to the sky it once soared upon?

One side declares 'this' must be done to fix 'that' which the other has caused. Some find it better to walk away to regroup in hopes of 'starting over' again. We suggest through votes the worthy bandage only to find the blood still seeps through the wound. Those we've chosen for solutions just band-aid the bandage to cover the awful appearance. We pour whiskey on wound, and some salt and a lemon. We refuse to step back to determine how bad the damage really may be. Then go about our ways. Come back to check and replace the soiled bandages. All the while forgetting the suture that's needed. That's o.k. though, scars build character! Let us not forget some wounds can have permanent disabilities. There are great minds on either side that could do wonders working from a common ground. I think a bridge is needed, stretching from both sides over the canyon or a path from both sides of the mountain, headed to that common ground where the political bird with broken wings lays in wait.

Are so many of us American's blinded to what is happening to our country? Are we all caught up in what the 5 o'clock news is telling us on a day to day basis that we've forgotten to put the pieces together? Do we no longer see the big picture? We seem so caught up in the daily grind we care nothing for what the future beyond tomorrow will hold. We sit back and watch in entertainment the short comings of our political figures. Some now celebrate their November victory, then turn the cheek already expecting celebration 2 years from now. The other side frowns and speculates on the next marketing scheme to win back support in hopes of crashing the 'party'. Why is our country, The United States of America so divided. Where did we leave the "United We Stand", "and Justice for All"? We can't have a lame duck when this country was made to Soar as an Eagle!

Our Economy Falls, We Will Fall With It.
Where is our dollar heading? How did we let it get this bad? I know our country has survived it's many years of debt, but are we so naive as to think it can't get worse than it's been in the past. We've bailed out everyone, with minimal success. The unwealthy continue to face job loss, foreclosures, bankruptcy, rising prices on the shelves and at the pump, no raise in pay to keep up with living cost's, no improvement in unemployment and so on, yet the news takes no concern to it other than a mention of this and that, and back to the weather and traffic and the best black-Friday buys.

If our dollar fails, it will not be "divided we fall". All of us will feel the pain. The rich will begin to lose what they have, because the upper and middle will have nothing to spend, the poor nothing to gain. We will find ourselves in worse a situation than our country has ever seen. In my opinion this ugly picture hangs just around the next corner. I must ask why we let our government continue to interfere with the free-market system. It functions well when left to it's self, even in recession it survives with less of the injections our government has given it. Printing money out of thin air and playing with interest rates doesn't work in a situation that we find our country in. Price inflation is all around us, but we continue to believe the CPI numbers from the mainstream media, and that deflation is what we should worry about. Maybe because that way Wall Street and the Bankers can keep getting what they demand.

This is the piece of info that got me to thinking and brought about this article! -our national debt has grown by 70.7% over the past five years, compared to 41.8% during the previous five years, and 14.3% during the five years before that. Meanwhile, our GDP has grown by 17.9% over the past five years, compared to 27.5% during the previous five years, and 32.9% during the five years before that. We have gone from our GDP growing more than twice as fast as our debt, to our debt growing at nearly quadruple the speed of our GDP.

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