The Personalized Family Cookbook Is A Marketable Fundraiser

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Eating is good. It has always been a tradition in my house. We seem to eat several times a day, every day of the week. Yes, I'm being silly…but I did so in order to make a point about fundraising.

But Seriously, Folks

The idea behind a fundraiser (other than the obvious purpose of raising funds) is to get people to willingly part with their money. Humans are a curious species when it comes to giving and charity. No other creature on earth will freely give away things that are important to it. When is the last time you saw a dog who found a fresh piece of road-kill and instead of eating it himself, brought it to the dog down the street who hadn't had a bite of decent flattened, rancid skunk in weeks? (Yuck! From the things I've seen dogs eat, I don't think their taste buds work too well.) Anyway, the answer is probably "never." In the animal kingdom it is all about "me." But we are humans.

Get On With It, Will You?

So now we are at the point where we need to have the citizens of your community open their wallets and give to your fundraiser. It could be for the PTA, or a church group, or a bunch of bikers who are riding to raise money for a cure for cancer. Most people will give without expecting anything in return, other than the good feeling that a human being gets after being generous like that. As you sit on the corner, raising money during your city's street fair, why are you getting so much more cash than the organization a mere 25 feet away from you? It is because you are offering something of value to them for their donation.

What Is That Valuable Item?

The family style personalized cookbook. A fundraising cookbook filled with the best recipes from the greatest cooks in your club or community will be one of the most popular items around. And since we all enjoy good food, a cookbook jam packed with all those wonderful dishes will be universally popular. Your potential customer base is vast. We all eat, remember? The guy next to you, who is selling subscriptions to Guns and Ammo magazine is going to find that his customer base is much smaller since not everyone is involved in hunting and shooting. See? I told you that eating was important for this discussion.

It's Easy To Do

Creating a fundraising cookbook for your fundraiser is not a complex operation. A reputable cookbook publisher will have a website that walks you through the steps. Obviously they should offer phone and e-mail support in case of difficulties. You should be able to select from various styles of cookbook, fonts, paper stock, format and organization methods. You may know exactly what you want, or you might tap into the vast experience of the company and let them recommend different options.
Regardless, you should opt for a cookbook publisher that has been around for a while. That indicates that they are a good company with which to work. There is one publisher of cookbooks for fundraisers that has been in business since 1947. That is a very good track record. If you can find one with a guarantee, so much the better.
Get started right away. Check out the cookbook publisher of your choice and start the ball rolling.

Andy Barber writes for Cookbook Publishers, which is a company that has been printing fundraising cookbooks since 1947. When he isn't writing or enjoying his family on his 6 acre farm in eastern Kansas, he is riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle across the US to visit friends and see the country.

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