The Perfect Spray Tan

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To get that fine tan you've always wanted, a Spray Tan is the best and quickest way to do it. Whether you want to look great for a party or family outing, Spray Tanning will help you achieve the look you want.

Natural tanning is the main culprit for many skin cancers and other skin diseases. Because tanning in the sun is not an exact science people must be careful to take the necessary precautions while out in the sun like applying sun block or lotion. Oftentimes natural tanning is uneven or leaves certain spots darker than others. This gives off a very unattractive look, especially if you want to show off your tan to others. Getting that perfect bronze look doesn't have to cost you your health or your life and in some cases your reputation.

Natural tanning can become dangerous for the body. Overexposure to the sun (and its UV rays) and tanning beds leads to skin cells dying and results in damage to the skin and other cells. Excessive peeling of the skin can result. There are many beaches in Sydney, but you don't have to lie out to get the perfect tan. A Spray Tan is the best tanning option to get your body that bronze color you desire. The beach life is fun, but that's not the only source where you can develop your tan.

The Spray Tan will react with the amino acids in the dead skin cells giving you that elegant tan. It is safe and UV free, keeping all users safe from damaging rays. It is required to go to a tanning salon to apply this type of Spray Tan, especially if it is to be even. The last thing you want to do is apply an uneven tan on your body by yourself. Unlike natural tanning, there is particular science that helps you get that tan you desire. You get an uneven tan with the sun because of two factors: 1) your body position in relation to the sun, and 2) the sand and water on your body (eve if there is a little bit). If you are looking for a way to tan burn-free, consider a Spray Tan.

Here are a few things to consider this method.
Waxing and Shaving
If you want the perfect bronze look shave before you get sprayed. Not only does it kill the cells, it makes your tan look smoother.

No Application of Makeup, Deodorant and Perfume
This may prevent the tanning solution to do its job. Makeup and deodorant work as blockers preventing the spray from penetrating the skin.

The night before tanning, use a scrub or a loofah (can be hard or soft) all over the body to get an even Spray Tan.

No longer do you need to risk your health for a perfect tan. A Spray Tan in Sydney is the perfect option. It's fast and easy, allowing you to get back to the beach in no time. You will get an even tan when you go to a salon and before you know it, you will have a tan that is irresistible.

A Spray Tan also looks natural because of the way it coats to your body. The natural colour of the body will turn heads.

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