The Perfect Gift For The Perfect Look - Designer Gift Bag

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It would be extremely difficult to find a person who is not conscious about the way he looks. Even the people who claim they don't care about their looks do care! A new trend that has been going around is a perfectly sun-kissed skin. This is mostly achieved these days with tanning lotions and creams. Many companies are coming out with the idea of a designer gift bag containing tanning products.

The Sun Laboratories designer gift bag is a perfect combination of products to get a perfectly tanned skin. The bag includes items like exfoliating body scrub and sponge, dark tanning lotion, tan protection moisturizer, and of course the Sun Labs designer gift bag itself. It is the perfect combination to get the absolutely beautiful bronzed complexion. The exfoliating scrub and sponge is required to get rid of the dead skin and cleanse the body before applying the tanning lotion.

The moisturizer is required to lock in the tan and give it a longer life.

The tans usually last for ten days to two weeks. The darkness of the tan depends on the product being used. Other designer gift bags of the company include combination of products like body polish, hand and body lotion, and exfoliating and cleansing gels. A body polish is a product that is used on the skin to give it a smooth and silky appearance. After massaging the product on to the skin and leaving it on for a while, it has to be thoroughly washed off for the effect to be noticed.

The good thing about sunless tanning products is that they are safe for the skin. The sun's harmful ultraviolet rays are known to cause various skin ailments, some of which are deadly. A sunless tanning product helps a person get a tan that is as flawless as the one the sun gives, and that too without any harmful consequences. The products generally contain a chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA reacts with the amino acids present in the dead skin cells of the body to make the skin change color. There is very little chance of allergies or other skin problems from this product. Therefore, the product's safety is highly assured.

Another good feature is that the products are very easy to use and can be applied in the confines of one's home. There is no need for any external help. Just read the instructions and apply. And when these products, combined with supplementary products, are put together in the form of a designer gift bag, there is nothing better.

The Sun designer gift bag is a great present for a friend, colleague, or family member who you know is interested in getting a sunless tan.

Once the products are used, the bag which is a beach bag can be reused. Therefore the designer gift bag is an ingenious idea and an ideal gift for the summer.

For a designer gift bag filled with tanning goodies is just the place. The site has gift bags as well as individual tanning products that are easy to use and reasonably priced.

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