The Perfect Christmas Day Present

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Christmas is the perfect time to shower your friends and loved ones with present. This is the perfect way of showing your love and affection for those who matter to you. It shows your gratitude towards them. And now you people out there! You don't have to do lot of search for buying a perfect Christmas day present, if you're one of your loved ones or some of them are really passionate about golf. Why?
SkyCaddie SGX has been launched and it's a perfect Christmas day present for all those golf lovers out there.
This is an elegant with a classy touch technology which has unbelievable advance technology. With intelligence and wireless connectivity to all golf clubs, this is a perfect gateway to golf's future. Further below you will come to know, why SkyCaddie SGX is the perfect gift to give the passionate lover of golf.

You will be surprised with its sleek design; this new age band rangefinder is actually long lasting. Can you beat that it has an LCD screen which provides perfect color images; you go out in the brightest sunlight and see the effect yourself. You can play continuously for up to 14 hour's coz of the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

This easy single operational gadget comes with dual direction-finding options. For matchless accuracy and evenness, SkyGolf has used TruePoint Precision Positioning Technology in a prominent presentation GPS engine which also comes with ultra-fast satellite. SkyCaddie spends the moment and cash to ground-verification on every solitary course map in its records to make sure that the golfers have enough information to depend on.

The best part of having an inestimable access is that SkyCaddie SGX comes without any hidden fees or changeable charges. With an ability to maintain up to 50 full-featured courses in one time, SGX stores up to 30,000 preloaded courses. They have much enhanced and trustworthy information in the game.

Now, the applications being used in SkyCaddie SGX; the golfer has to know the distance to any point on a hole or one can say which will help them plan to play the hole in the smallest strokes and HoleVue is the new application added to help the golfer in such cases. IntelliGreen® Pro provides additional capability to get hold of long distances to green con-tours and SGX Game Tracker™ utilize the same technology to capture the club used, the geo-location and distances of each shot and ClubSG Beta bonds the golfers to their sport, their courses, their tools etc. etc.

Thus, for all those who love Golf, SkyCaddie SGX is the perfect Christmas present all of you should look out for to make this day special for them.

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