The Origin of Call Forwarding Service

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In telephone communications, Call Forwarding is a key feature whereby the networks will enable an incoming call to reach the called person even if he/ she are unavailable at the particular phone point. By virtue of Call Forwarding feature, the call will be automatically redirected to a mobile phone or any other telephone number where the called party is available. The distinct advantage of call forwarding feature is you will not miss out any of the valuable business call.

As regards, the origin of the concpt of Call Forward, it may be said that this feature was invented by Ernest J. Bonanno. Normally, call forwarding feature becomes functional only if the called line is busy or if there is no response and the call then reaches the pre- selected mobile or landline number.

Most callers will prefer call forwarding facility over the other alternative which is an answering machine or voicemail. As a rule, callers resent listening to taped messages and leaving some impersonal recorded message. The apprehension is also there that the called party may take his/ her own time to respond or not respond at all. Besides, it is only to be expected that the callers would relish talking directly to the called party and devices like answering machimes are obviously devoid of the human touch.

There are numerous call forwarding service providers and quite a few of them also offer free trail for a specified period for you to feel satisfied before signing the contract. Some service providers even offer international call forwarding facility by allocating to you a local virtual phone number which is forwarded to any other international destination.

Call Forwarding - that enables you to receive and answer telephone calls from different locations - has come to be recognized as an extremely useful telephone feature for business enterprises. The Call Forwarding feature is of two types - Call Forwarding Variable and Call Forward Busy/Don't Answer.

Call Forwarding Variable is a feature that lets you select a number to which all your incoming calls will be directed. As per this facility, all incoming calls will initially be received by the telephone operator or the centralized answering services and you will receive only the calls meant for you or your department. The only hitch is you will have to activate, reactivate and deactivate Call Forwarding facility whenever you leave your desk.

Call Forwarding Busy/No response, on the other hand, is a feature whereby all incoming calls will be automatically get transferred if your lines are busy or not answered after a set number of rings. The advantage with this totally automatic feature is you need not bother to activate or deactivate Call Forwarding feature.

Please bear in mind the cost factor if you plan on availing the call forwarding feature. The charges are like outgoing call's cost and this means if the calls are forwarded to a long distance number then long distance charge will be applied. Please make sure that you sign up with a reputed and reliable service provider for your business to effectively enjoy the benefits of call forwarding feature.

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