The One with the Dirty Girl – Classic Friends Episode with Rebecca Romijn as a Beautiful Pig

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In 1997, the NBC television show Friends was in its fourth season and was the place to find celebrity guest stars. In one episode, titled "The One with the Dirty Girl," then model Rebecca Romijn made her leap into acting. She played, Cheryl, Ross's hot and smart date who had one glaring flaw: she was a slob.

When Ross went into Cheryl's apartment for the first time, he could not believe his eyes. The entire place was a wreck with clothes, food, garbage, and anything else you can think of strewn about. (He later described it as garbage on top of garbage.) In fact, Cheryl proceeded to spread her leftovers across the living room floor when she entered the room in hopes of finding her hamster, which she had not seen in a few days.

Because Ross wants to be with this beautiful woman and they can't go back to his place because she thinks it has a weird smell (which Ross thinks is soap), Ross decides to try to get past the mess in her house. But he feels something crawl up his back, finds luncheon meat, puts his hand in some type of goo, and finally ends up killing a rat in a bag of potato chips (which thankfully was not Cheryl's pet hamster). In the end, he cannot stay with Cheryl, no matter how beautiful she is.

At the end of the episode we see Monica's obsession with cleanliness once again. As the closing credits roll, Monica knocks on Cheryl's door and introduces herself as Ross's sister. She then tells Cheryl that Ross described her apartment, causing Monica to be unable to sleep. Cheryl closes the door on Monica when Monica asks if she can clean the apartment - she even brought her own bucket of cleaning supplies. The scene ends with Monica wiping down the door frame to Cheryl's apartment.

Just because you are beautiful, it does not mean that you are perfect. Cheryl's second biggest flaw was not taking Monica up on her offer of free cleaning services.

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