The Number One Question About Carbon Copy Pro

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There're a lot of questions running around the internet when it comes to Carbon Copy Pro. Some people have seen extreme success. Others go on to write bad review about Carbon Copy Pro being a scam. This article is the number one asked question about this marketing system. You more than likely are reading this to see if it is even worth your time to investigate.

1 - So.. The Number One Question revolving around the Carbon Copy Pro system is how much is this going to cost? Which is probably the number one question for everything that has to do with online home business in general! This can be a really loaded question because there are a lot of variables to expenses. That's because there are many different expenses to get into any business, it doesn't matter if it's Carbon Copy Pro or something else. Expenses are going to depend on the success you want to create, as well as how fast you want to create it. So if you're asking what the cost of getting involved is you need to first ask yourself how much you want to make and how fast?

2 - Once you decide that, decide how much will you invest in a marketing budget on a monthly basis, anywhere from $100 to $2000. But whatever the amount write it down. After that decide how much "time" you're going to invest daily, yes this is also an expense. Simply, if you don't have a lot of money to put into marketing you will have to invest more time. The next thing you will have as an expense is your application fee of $40. This is forefront of the Carbon Copy Pro business. The reason is simple it sifts and sorts and qualifies the people that are actually serious. And if your applicaton is approved, someone they want to spend time training and helping then you will move up to the next step of joining Carbon Copy Pro once approved.

3-Which is your "BiB" or your "business in a box". This is going to run you 395 and this product is worth every penny! This is an internet marketing education program in a box. It will give you a Masters Degree in online marketing. Which will educate you on marketing any product online you would ever want. Whether it is the Carbon Copy Pro line or something else. Internet marketing education is a "must" in today's world!

4 - That's It, only 435 and your marketing budget. Very good in my eyes because they aren't just handing you a brochure filled with promotional hype. They're going to educate you on the exact methods and principles that it takes to make money at home online. Very few will do that.

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