The Nokia 1616 provides a robust and simple design

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The Nokia 1616 has a long-lasting simplistic design with a large TFT display and large dust-resistant keypad along with anti-scratch covers. It features a traditionally simple user interface which provides shortcut keys which can be set by the user to their most used features.

The handset remains to offer a good looking, slim and tidy design which is easy for any user to take hold of. The anti-scratch covers are changeable so the handset itself can be personalised somewhat. The large keypad makes it easy and quick for the user to dial numbers and type messages.

The phone allows the user to store up to 250 text messages at a time, along with a phone book capable of up to 500 contact entries also offered, which can be sorted into multiple phonebooks and groups. Sending messages is made faster also, by the SMS speed dialling feature. Picture messaging (MMS) is available additionally.

The 1616 provides a built-in FM radio so live news and music can be enjoyed from anywhere the user goes. The phone also features many practical tools including a built-in flashlight on its top to help see in the dark, a speaking alarm clock to help the user get up on time and a calendar for scheduling and checking appointments and personal events.

The Lithium Ion battery which this handset utilises is long lasting and provides extended time in between charges allowing the phone to go on offering all its features for a longer period than similar and previous handsets. Its connectivity is limited to the 2.0mm Charger connection.

The phone has impressive environmental credentials being manufactured free from materials harmful to the environment and which are difficult or not possible to be recycled. These include PVC (plastic) nickel on the handset's surfaces and free from various other harmful compounds making it up to 80 percent recyclable, having been produced from up to 58 percent of recycled material to begin with.

The Nokia 1616 provides any novice or even connoisseur of mobile phones with a totally robust, anti-scratch and dust-resistant handset with the original simplicity of previous mobiles allowing for quick and easy use between features and particularly for use simply as a mobile phone with contacts, calling features and substantial text messaging. In addition, it still offers plenty of other useful tools, including the built-in flashlight, and entertainment with the FM radio. In many ways it could be the perfect handset for many a user.

Nokia 1616

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