The Newest Innovation Within the Skin Care Industry Is the Incorporation of a Biological Serum Into

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We are all familiar with them. They are the lines that give us great unpleasantness at the beach, out in public, with our friends, and with our loved ones. Stretch marks appear at the most inopportune times and in the most inopportune places. If there could only be a way to solve this nagging condition. In this article we are happy to lay out the stretch mark treatment options that are out there, ready to be taken advantage of to give you that confident feeling back again when you look at your skin.

First, let's review what are stretch marks. Simply put they are scarring within the skin. A bit more scientific explanation is that the skin has different layers to it. The first layer is the epidermis followed by the dermis layer followed by subcutaneous tissues. Structural components of this middle dermis layer are collagen, elastic fibers, and extrafibrillar matrix. When the dermis undergoes rapid stretching, it tears. This tear results in an off-color hue that is seen from outside the skin. What is the biggest culprit in causing the formation of these tears is weight gain. One of the many unwanted symptoms of letting ourselves go weight wise is the pulling force on the skin that overcomes the dermis's elasticity to produce these tears. Additional factors that can cause these tears are pregnancy, puberty, and weight training. We all know the common areas where they appear. The upper arms, the inner thighs (making beach going a lot less fun), and buttocks.

So the information is plain as to what they are and where they come from. Now how to get rid of them. Fortunately there are proven treatments to remove stretch marks that run the gamut from surgeries to natural skin products.

For those with stria on their stomach, there is the popularly known "tummy tuck" that is the stretch marks treatment through cosmetic surgery. This involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen in order to tighten the muscle of the abdominal wall. This benefits women who have just undergone pregnancy and with people dealing with skin sagging from rapid weight loss. The skin is greatly tightened resulting in the loss of appearance in both the color and depth of the striae. The negatives of this option are easy to see however. The time that will be necessary to recover will last from three months all the way to one year. One has to avoid blood clots after the surgery by moving around as soon as possible (within a few days) after the surgery. If any complications arise (such as infection) they will usually delay the healing process which in turn delays the loss of stretch marks. Then there is the hefty price tag of the average tally being between USD $4,000 to $20,000.

Laser treatments and dermabrasion are additional stretch mark treatments that can make a significant dent in their appearance. Laser treatment is a surgery where lasers are used to dissolve the molecular bonds at the location on the skin where there appear stretch marks, spider veins, and wrinkles. Through the laser's heating of the dermis, fibroblasts are stimulated to form new collagen and elastin helping to bring increased thickness to the skin. Laser treatments' unwanted side effect is that is can cause damage to the surrounding cells that are healthy, but as surgery is concerned, it is one of the more non-invasive options there is.

Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure that involves the controlled abrasion, or wearing down, of the upper layers of the skin. This in turn causes the skin to renew itself through natural growth that produces new skin cells and a healthier skin texture. The immediate effects to the skin after the surgery will be a red and raw-looking appearance. The fresh looking skin that the patient wants to get out from this treatment begins to show in about three to six months time. During this time one wears compression bandages or applies loads of sunblock as the skin's healing process is delicate and must be tended to with care.

Thankfully for those who are not looking to take a huge bite out of their bank account there are natural skin products on the market to remove striae.

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