The New York Mentalist and Psych Explore “Mentalism”

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In the last decade TV soaps in New York Mentalist and Psych sizzled in a new flavor to the delicacy of criminal drama. Crime scenes and investigations were cooked in the curry of investigators intuitive ability and were served with his knack for observing minute details which brought in breakthrough leads. Mentalism was the key concept used by these entertainers.

What is Mentalism
Mentalism is an old concept. It is considered to be an art performed by Mentalist or Psychic people. They are said to use supernatural powers for mind reading, hypnosis, and memory related feats. Mentalist isn't being confused with magicians. They do not perform any kind of standard stage tricks. However, today it is known that Mentalism does not involve supernatural element. But people through practice develop high mental or one can say intuitive abilities. Mentalism now is studied as a branch of psychology. It is a study of how ones mental processes work. That is of how people conceive a situation, think, remember, speak and take a plunge in solving problems.

The concept of mentalism has been beautifully weaved in the top rated TV soaps in New York Mentalist and Psych.

Plot of Mentalist and Psych
The TV soap of New York Mentalist was released in 2008. It centers on Patrick Jane, who is a consultant and helps California Bureau of Investigations in solving homicide cases. He is known for using unconventional methods and taking notice of seemingly minute details.

He starts his career as a con man and claims to use psychic abilities in solving crime cases. This result of a revenge act by a serial killer who murders Patrick’s family. After which Patrick leaves his career as a con man accepts that he was faking psychic abilities, and claims "there's no such thing as psychics".

He then joins CBI where he gets the opportunity to further his skills of cold reading, pick pocketing, understanding the human psyche. It is the use of bizarre methods, various ruses and mind games in solving cases and making suspects confess that has drawn huge audiences and made the New York Mentalist a hit.

Psych is much older serial, released in 2006. It is also a comedy drama. It uses the concept of mentalism just like New York Mentalist by portraying the main character has, having psychic abilities because of the terrific instincts used by him in solving crime cases. This show was also one of the highest watched serial and received great reviews.

Why are people fascinated with the concept of Mentalism
Human beings have always been attracted towards sea life, extra terrestrial activity, animals and plants. Also how a human brain works have always been a fascination and Mentalism is an offshoot of the similar interest. Learning about our mental processes is always mind boggling. The shows of New York Mentalist and Psych have gone on to show how mentalism can be used practically. Though they have confined the scope in using the knowledge of rounding up suspects and solving crime cases. Mentalism as a broad concept can be used in understanding people. This can help one in creating strong bonds with people around them. Hence, solving tons of human problems.

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