The New HTC Wildfire-The Perfect Phone For The Younger User

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When you take a close look at the HTC range of mobile handsets, you can easily target which models are aimed at which audience thanks to a combination of both pricing and features. The HTC Desire HD for example will appeal to multi media fans, the Desire S is your everyday handset and models such as the 7 Pro are firmly pitched at your average business user thanks to the inclusion of a slide out keypad. The Wildfire is a model that can be placed more in the budget category. This immediately make the phone accessible to the lucrative youth market, and recognising this fact, the manufacturers have packed the model full of features that will appeal to the younger user, as well as made the handset available in a range of colours.

An area where the Wildfire focuses much of its attention is Social Networking. This relates to internet sits such as Facebook, designed for user to communicate with friends in various ways, from simple sending of messages to sharing photographs and music tracks. In the UK alone, over 75% of the 16 to 24 age group who have accessed the internet use a social networking account, and given that 99% of this age group have access, that is several million users who could potentially benefit from what this handset has to offer. Being an Android phone, a whole host of downloadable content is available, including applications for all the major social networking sites, however HTCs own user interface saves the need for these by putting all your updates together on a feature named Friendstream. Contact with your friends is not limited however to features such as this, with some innovative games enabling you to have phone with your friends, even though you are miles apart.

Rather than rely upon traditional single person mobile games, the HTC Wildfire offers multiplayer options that enable you to pit yourself against your friends. "What The Doodle" is an example of such a game, where you can put yourself up against opponents all over the world. Slightly more educational, but yet just as interactivedownloads such as Foursquare set challenges to your friends based around exploring the place where you live. Obviously items such as these will not appeal to the older generation of phone user, but if you are a younger person looking for a smartphone, or indeed you are looking to invest for one of your children, then they do add appeal to the Wildfire. If the target audience is perhaps a little old for such games, then they will love the web connectivity on offer that allows access to sites such as Youtube, giving access to millions of uploaded videos.

The Wildfire may prove the perfect phone for the younger audience, yet even if you do not fit into this category, the model is still a very capable smartphone complete with a wide array of features, not to forget its compact and modern styling.

The HTC Wildfire and the LG Optimus ME are available now.

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