The new High-capacity Apple Laptop Battery (Apple A1175)

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?Product description? Battery Type: laptop battery Voltage: 11.1V Current: 5600mAh Level: Package Description: Independent carton packaging, built-in sponge, anti-static packaging. Shelf life: one month first three year warranty service.

Apple A1175 battery Compatible Part No:

MA348 / A battery MA348G / A battery A1175 battery MA348 battery MA348J / A battery

Apple A1175 battery Fit Models:

MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463 battery MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463CH / A battery

MACBOOK PRO 15 inch MA896X / A battery MacBook Pro 15 inch A1150 battery

MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463LL battery MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463LL / A battery

MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463J / A battery MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463KH / A battery

MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895J / A battery an so on ......

A battery which should be how to care for? ? new battery charging, continuous charging 12 hours. The ? fully charged and discharged. Cycle three times to wake up a new battery. (3) long-term use of topical power. The proposal to remove the battery, so as not to affect battery life. ? regular charge and discharge; such as prolonged [more than one] does not use a computer or find the battery charge and discharge time shorter, should the battery fully discharged in charge, generally at least one complete charge and discharge once a month. ? best to turn off the computer while charging, do not unplug the power drop in the charge. ? avoid human impacts, dismantling, fall, heating or short circuit. ? how to use the battery is discharged, please re-charged within two days. Otherwise, the battery is easily damaged and could not be recharged electrically. The ? battery should always recycled, it is recommended that at least two months time, the battery performance in order to achieve the best, first discharge to 3%, and then filled with. ? When the Apple A1189 battery long-Year Performance failure, usually two years, please put the battery Remove the computer, do not install on a computer, in order to avoid the risk of explosion and fire. ? battery a longer period of time will be stored temporarily not in use, the battery must first be charged to more than 50% of the absolute can not be less than 50% of the electricity stored for a long time, otherwise the battery easily damaged and could not be recharged electric.

2, the battery should be aware of? ? Turn off your computer while charging, do not unplug the power charging on the way. ? The battery in normal operation, if the battery is discharged as low as 3%, and must be shut down or recharging. Is strictly prohibited to discharge the battery to 0%, so that operation, the battery is easy to damage and speed up the decay. ? avoid human impacts, dismantling, fall, heating or short circuit. (4) to use special equipment charge. ? should try to avoid using the battery temperature is too high or too low. 3, the new battery can not charge the battery? Not usually, equipment for the first time to charge the battery, due to voltage and current may cause instability when the battery charge to half (sometimes more, sometimes less), the device stops to continue to charge the battery, if this situation happen, do not worry, simply remove the battery from the device, re-re-charge. The first charge a new battery may require several iterative process. Please be assured that this is normal.

4, how long it will take to fully activate the new battery to charge? We recommend that you first charge of not less than 12 hours, digital battery of not less than five hours. 5, how to charge your new battery? Usually none of the new battery is fully charged, must charge it before using the new battery. Start using a new battery or batteries to stop using for some time, the battery needs to be three to four times charge-discharge cycles before they reach the highest efficacy. Sometimes on the first charge of the new battery (when charging after 10-15 minutes) device indicator indicates the battery is fully charged, this situation is normal rechargeable battery, simply remove the battery from the device and then re- to charge the battery. The most important thing is to charge fully discharged every month. The most simple way is to discharge the battery equipment turned on until the run out of battery power, and then to charge the battery based on the user manual device can. If you do not use more than one month Apple A1185 battery intended to build you remove the battery from the device, and a dry, cool place. Charge and discharge, the battery temperature will rise, this is a normal phenomenon. If placed after a period of time of a fully charged battery, the battery will naturally discharge when the battery storage for some time and then use still need to charge it. The first time using a laptop, discharge to 3% full again.

Security Handling Precautions] Avoid contact with fire and moisture. 2, avoid metal objects come into contact with the battery positive and negative. 3, the proper use of the charger. 4, to avoid to blow high drop. 5 Do not use in minus 10 degrees (15 degrees Fahrenheit) or above 40 degrees (105 degrees Fahrenheit) environment.

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