The new dermal filler is not as expensive as the older methods and is relatively safer

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Many people want to change the look of the face and are looking for ways to do so. If that is the case, then you should consider dermal fillers. You can correct scars or other imperfections on your face using this procedure.

In the early 1980s people have been using bovine collagen, which was approved by the FDA. This became very popular and was used to fix fine lines and scars and the results could last upwards of three months. The problem with these dermal fillers was that the person could be allergic to the bovine collagen used, which means that you had to do a skin test before the treatment.

Many times people were not happy with the results also. So there was a need for new ways of the process to be done. New fillers that came in the market then were more effective in eliminating wrinkles and folds on the skin. With these procedures, the patient did not have to undergo frequent treatments and did not have to worry about allergy testing.

The new dermal filler is not as expensive as the older methods and is relatively safer and painless to inject. It is also hypoallergenic and can last a fairly long time. It should also be fairly consistent and have the same results each time also. Remember that with the new treatments, you should avoid over injecting your face with the filler because you want to retain a normal youthful appearance.

Many people chose to inject the product in the cheeks, in the lips and other areas on the face to get fuller looks. With these new procedures, the procedure can be relatively short. The patient just has to come for an hour and have the person administer the injection and they can go home instantly.

Many people call these lunch time procedures because they take a relatively short period to administer. After the procedure, the doctor tells the patient not to manipulate the area for a while to avoid shifting the product. Apply a cool pack onto the affected area after the product to reduce swelling. You will most likely have to redo the procedure every five to six months.

If you are considering dermal fillers, then make sure you understand the latest techniques and find a doctor who can administer the product effectively and efficiently. If done correctly, your face will regain a youthful appearance.

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