The New Adventures Of Previous Smallville

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As much as fresh television program goes, Smallville will never fall under such a group. Currently on its 8th season, a record that just several franchises ever reach, Smallville is etched in television records as one of the greatest running shows since the innovation of the TV set. It is mentioned in the same breath like the Simpsons, the X-Files, CSI and Seinfeld, and ER, all of which are television heavyweights what with their overall influence on general society as well as their long, long, lengthy lifespan honoring our TV sets.
But the 8th season of Smallville is worthy of mention in each discussion for upcoming TV programs. The 8th season of Smallville, after all, turns the franchise around towards an entire new course, and this makes anything about the program fresh and exciting once again.
Gone are many series patrons who have opted to practice other professions. Lex Luthor and Lana Lang - Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk respectively - both of whom are greatly recognized as lead characters for the program who are greatly liable for its success, will not be making a comeback. This leaves Clark Kent - played by Tom Welling - to carry the torch by himself as the lead character of the series that chronicles the beginnings of the hero that the planet will one day identify as Superman.

The primary thing that the makers did was to replace the whole aura of the program. They achieved this by transferring Clark from the confines of his protected abode of Smallville to the unpredictable urban forest of Metropolis. Clark is not anymore a farm boy, he has now obtained an occupation at the Daily Planet. Clark has also associated himself with a new group of super-fantastic friends, the young Justice League. Green Arrow, Black Canary and Aquaman have appeared on the pilot episode, with the Flash (Bart Allen) and Cyborg soon to come next.
Clark also needs a new love interest. Hence, Lois Lane - played by Erica Durance - has been elevated from a possible romance element to an actual love partner. But a hero is just as good as his villains, and with Lex Luthor vanished, the producers have presented 2 other antagonists for the young Superman. Doomsday - the human equal of the personality who just killed Superman in the comic series - and Luthor's trusted right hand woman, Tess Mercer, will make life very, really hard for the emerging hero.

What was considered of as the end of the series instead gave new life to an aging franchise. And currently, Smallville is very much primed} to take on all greenhorns who wish to steal its crown.

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