The Myths of Laser Hair Removal

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There are a lot of myths out there about laser hair removal because it is a new technology that many people do not always trust. However, these myths are just that, myths, and you should not be worried about laser hair removal. It is safe, efficient and nearly painless. Some of the myths you may have heard include:

1. It is harmful to the health of the organs: This is completely untrue. The laser does not penetrate more than four millimeters into the skin and goes no farther than the hair follicles. The beam is not damaging the skin, it is simply moving along the skin. The worst that usually happens for most who get the treatment is redness that lasts only a few hours.

2. It causes scarring: This is not true at all because the laser does not breach the skin. There is no scarring at all, unlike what can happen with electric hair removal, which uses a needle touching the skin.

3. It is very expensive: Yes, there is a higher cost associated with laser hair removal. If it costs $400 a session and takes fie sessions, then it will cost $2,000 but you have to look at how much you are spending on shavers, creams, foams and more over the course of 10 years. Read more about laser hair removal costs.

4. It hurts a lot: How much it hurts depends on how much a person can take in terms of pain. Most consider it to be very mild in terms of pain and nowhere near the pain caused by waxing. As well, you can ask your technician to put on anesthetic cream to dull any sort of pain or discomfort that may be felt. Read more about laser hair removal pain.

5. It is 100 percent effective: If any clinic promises you this, then they are lying. Hair is prevented from growing with laser hair removal, but it is not eliminated completely. Hair can still grow in the future, new hairs will pop up, and this is why it is important to have annual sessions to touch up any areas that may have new hair growth.

6. Laser hair removal causes increased hair growth: This is not the case at all.

7. Only people with light skin and dark hair can get laser hair removal: While it works best with people who have light skin and dark, course hair, they are not the only ones who can get the treatment done. New lasers have been made that can be used on people who have dark skin and dark hair, and some lasers will even work with light hair and light skin. It should be noted however that dark skin/dark hair and light skin/light hair patients may require more sessions and each session may be longer.

There are so many myths out there associated with laser hair removal that it can be hard to know the truth from the fiction. Suffice to say, laser hair removal works and it works well. It is expensive, but it is efficient and it will keep you from having to shave for years. This is why it has become so popular

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