The Mystic Magic Of Jewish Artwork

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The centuries old magic of Jewish Artwork is well known and loved across the world. Jews are a rich community and Jewish art has a predominantly religious flavor combined in a variety of ways. As a result, special occasion gifts offered in Jewish weddings, the Bar Mitzvahs and other holidays almost always have a religious slant to them. Despite this, Jewish art is highly creative in its presentation and celebrates their culture.

Jewish Wedding Gifts Lean Towards The Spiritual

The unique workmanship of Jewish art distinguishes it from the other regular gifts one normally comes across. As far as weddings are concerned, the Jewish prefer to choose gifts associated with their wedding customs. In ancient times, many objects used in religious rituals were decorated to create Jewish artwork, in addition to items of jewelry, paintings, motifs and other Jewish traditions. These were passed on through generations. Much of the artwork was inspired by the Hebrew alphabet, which was considered sacred and divine and embedded in various works of art.

Most Jewish wedding gifts are in the form of blessings, since Jews are highly religious people and the gifts reflect their faith. These gifts are usually treasured by the families throughout their lives and passed on from one generation to the next as heirlooms.

The Ketubah

A popular Jewish wedding gift relates to the Ketubah or the marriage contract presented by the groom to the bride at the wedding. This is an important legal document that covers the groom's commitment to the bride in writing. Naturally, it is a valuable document for the couple and their family. The Ketubah is richly decorated and preserved as a work of Jewish art.

Hamsa And Shema

Another Jewish art form is the sacred Hamsa, also called the Hand of Fatima, the Hand of Miriam or the Hamesh hand. This is a good luck charm that is believed to ward off evil and offer protection from the evil and jealous eye. Shaped like an open hand symbolizing "stop", the Hamsa guards against enemies. Jewish people believe in its magical power. The Hamsa also represents the number five, which is considered symbolic. The Hamsa is used in various types of art such as plaques, water color artwork, protective amulets or lockets worn on the wrist or around the neck. Many Hamsas feature an eye, which depicts the evil eye or a prayer in the palm area. Hamsas can also be incorporated in jewels. Hamsas also adorn walls and are used as door plaques, a popular theme in Jewish artwork.

Another theme used in Jewish art is the "Shema" a prayer that is perceived as the national anthem of the Jews since ancient times. Jewish artwork featuring this theme is popular as a Jewish wedding gift.

Inspired by a multitude of rituals and customers, Jewish art keeps tradition and ancient customs alive for generations to come.

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