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Are you a tweeter? And are you following celebrities on Twitter? Great, this means you can answer my simple question. So tell me who is the most popular Indian Tweeter? Letís make it simpler. Ok, come on tell me who is the most popular Indian Celebrity Tweeter? So, whatís your answer? Well, Iím pretty sure, you have guessed Amitabh Bachchan, or Sachin Tendulkar, or perhaps Shahrukh Khan. No need to be happy, all your guesses are wrong!!

The crown of most popular Indian Tweeter doesnít belong to anybody from the Bollywood film fraternity or the Indian cricket team. Now stop thinking about other sports and think about the Indian Political arena. Now you might have guessed it right. But wait whom did you guess? Let me give you one hint, the person Iím talking about is not an active politician but yeah, he belongs to the Indian political fraternity and even if he isnít in active politics, he still is an active tweeter! Yes, you have got him right, he is one and only Shashi Tharoor, the man who made Twitter famous in India, the man who brought about a curiosity for the micro blogging site among not so internet savvy citizens of India, and finally the man whose tweets became the breaking news a year back with all the leading national dailies of India covering his tweets and peopleís reaction to them on the newspaper front page!

Shashi Tharoor is the most followed Indian Tweeter. 896,595 people are already following him, and by the time youíll be reading this article, the number will definitely have soared higher than it is now! So the most popular Indian Tweeter crown goes to Mr. Tharoor, beyond any doubt. The most interesting thing is that all the three celebrities you read in the first paragraph donít come on the second number. So you might be wondering who stands second in the competition; (though it is notable that Mr. Tharoor who tops the popularity chart doesnít compete at all, whereas the Bollywood stars are still found interested in getting popularity at Twitter!) anyway, the name you are waiting to hear is neither of Master Blaster Tendulkar, nor of Big B Mr. Bachchan, and not even of King Khan SRKÖ well if you are a man, youíll be disappointed, and if you are a woman, itís time to cheer and feel proud!!

The second most popular Indian Tweeter is Priyanka Chopra with 734,832 followers. Sachin stands just one step down Priyanka with 734,171 followers, and Khan and Bachchan come after that with 720,188 and 520,798 respectively. Well, though I have just checked these numbers but when youíll actually be reading this, the number might have changed. And let me tell you one more thing; that this popularity status was on the basis of people who are perfectly known to most Indians and have been making news on Indian news channels time to time and not just on the basis of the number of Twitter followers, otherwise itís Padmasree, CTO of Cisco.

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