The Most Popular Fad Diet to Lose Weight

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Everyone wants to know what the most popular fad diet is. As the years go by, diets come and go, but only a handful stand the test of time. Many of these popular fad diets have lasted for 60 years or more. Although a fad diet is not the answer for permanent weight loss, they definetly have their purpose.

A popular fad diet is not usually meant for permanent weight loss because it does not deal with the main problem, which could be physical or psychological. The diets usually last from 24 hours to one week and serve basic purposes, such as, wanting to fit into a specific dress or your favorite jeans.

A popular fad diet is categorized into two groups.

Low Calorie/Low Nutrition Fad Diets
A low calorie/low nutrition fad diet will usually contain anywhere from 800 to 1600 calories per day and will not contain all the nutrition you need to stay healthy. Our bodies are extremely adaptable and can adjust for several days, but it is not good to continue with this type of program over 3 days.

When you complete the diet, you may have lost anywhere from 2 to 8 pounds. Unfortunately, as with almost any popular fad diet, much of the weight that is lost is water weight. Also, when you eat less food, you carry less around with you in your system. This would account for more of the weight loss. Remember, as soon as you are done with any popular fad diet, you will probably eat and drink as before, and gain it right back again.

Low Calorie/Medium Nutrition Fad Diets
The reason these are called medium nutrition fad diets is because I have yet to see a popular fad diet that gives you all the nutrition you need. These diets are much better for you and usually last for about a week. On this type of popular fad diet, you will lose the water weight, but you will probably lose a couple of pounds of actual fat, too. Average weight loss on this diet is usually between 4 and 12 pounds. Again, the weight will come back on this popular fad diet also, but probably at a slower rate. It may take a week or two to gain all the pounds back if you go back to your regular eating habits.

In Between Healthy Diets and Fad Diets
A healthy diet says to lose weight slowly with diet and proper exercise. While this may be the ultimate, this is not attractive to people who want to lose weight fast. Are there diets that are healthy and also give you quick results?
Yes, absolutely. They are just not categorized as a popular fad diet. These diets can last for a week all the way up to a year or more. They offer healthy foods and usually include some type of exercise, but the calorie intake is still low enough to offer quick results.

If you plan on choosing a popular fad diet, choose wisely, don't stay on the program longer than recommended and drink lots of water.

So, What is the Most Popular Diet to Lose Weight?
Actually, it doesn't matter what the current trends are saying. The best diet is one that you will follow and stay on in order to lose the weight you need to have a healthy body. You need to look at your lifestyle and your body and decide if you can live with extremely low calories or you need to take things a little slower.

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