The Mobile Phone Industry Will No Longer Exist Independently

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Taobao announced in December last year, will work with Lenovo, TCL and China Telecom to launch embedded Taobao customized client software, mobile phones, which is also indicates that the joint cross-border mobile phone industry in the future will be a qualitative change.

The mentality of this company is as follows: first, Taobao and mobile phone brands just want to launch the "network goods", and prove its feasibility, in order to dispel mobile phone shop in the network business for fear of the impact of the concerns of traditional sales channels, - Taobao Liang Lu, general manager of Wireless Business Unit, said, "intent is to 'sell the hardware'." However, Lu Liang soon discovered that Taobao services can be put there. Prior to this, a lot of Taobao sellers every day guarding computers are the way to the toilet trot. As a result, the decision of the first Taobao shipping 50 million units, to solve the seller's "toilet is difficult" problem.

Their business model is: cost price of 1349 yuan, the seller can take a mobile phone, even made Taobao in the value of 400 yuan services. If the seller want to sell the phone, Taobao, Taobao charge 3% commission - At present, there are four million Taobao sellers.

But more importantly, there are 180 million Taobao buyers.

Taobao is hesitant to push forward if they would want this phone to the latter, the only concern was mentioned in the original article, "If Taobao phone into the general consumer market, nature, and on Taobao merchants selling other brand mobile phones in direct competition." This is the Taobao want to see.

From another perspective, the development of cell phone similar to the PC places: first, in order to guide the hardware capabilities to do until the hardware function gradually improved, the basic configuration of convergence, and new hardware does not bring in enough time to competitive advantage, they rely on other aspects of to make differences, such as software and applications.

Taobao fancy is the "difference", which aimed at the traditional retail sector as well as other C2C, B2C businesses.

From this perspective we can judge, Apple wants to push mobile phones and the record companies to compete; Amazon correspond to bookstores; vigorously promote Google Android, which is aimed at Baidu.

Taobao course, and failing to sell hardware, this "sunset industries" - that thing thankless. Today, those who have mobile phone giant and several will appear in our field of vision? Google CEO Eric Schmidt, then a more straightforward: "Mobile should be free to send."

Internet companies customized mobile phones, is to make its mobile phone products for their own services. They are aware that product and vendor-centric era is over, "the services and customer" is the company's future based on the present - in the foreseeable future, the mobile phone market dominated by Internet companies, cell phone As an industry will cease to exist, it will be "broken up smashed" into each network segment to act as customer interface.

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