The Metamorphosis From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Anthony Robbins

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Metaphors can change the meaning you associate to anything, change what you link pain and pleasure to and transform your life as effectively as caterpillar transform to Butterfly. Become a metaphor detective. Whenever we hear someone using a metaphor that places limits, just step in and break their pattern by offering new one. Do this with others and do it for you too.

There are 5 exercises to master the creative art of crafting metaphors, transforming vocabulary, and asking empowering questions.

1 exercise: What is life? Write down the metaphors we have already chosen. Brainstorm everything we can think of because probably we have more than one image for life. Write them all down. Then we have to review our list and ask ourselves that what life means to us. Each of our metaphors empowers and limit. Take a good look at the image we have made available to ourselves. Take out their advantages and disadvantages. Add likeness you might like to add in order to change our life to make more happy, free and empowered.

2 exercise: List of all metaphors that we link to relationships or marriage. Find out whether they are empowering or dis empowering. Remember, conscious alone can transform our vision because brain starts working. We can adopt any metaphors easily. The beauty of this technology is that it's so simple.

3 exercise: Pick another area of our life that impacts us most. Whether it's our business, our parents, our children, our family and our friends'.Our ability to learn and discover impressions from this area. This might be good metaphor to change and change now. Once again, notice the positive and negative consequences of each of our metaphors. Exploring them can create new choices for our life.

4 exercise: Create new, more empowering images for each of these areas. Decide that from now we are going to think of life as four or few things to start with at least. Life is not war, is not test. Life is game, dance, sacred, gift, and picnic.

5 exercise: Finally decide that we are going to live with these new metaphors for the next thirty days. Take control of our metaphors now and create a new world for ourselves which is world of possibility, richness, and wonder and of joy.

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