The messaging experience on the iPhone 4 is very good

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The new release of the iPhone 4 has been much anticipated, there was so much excitement about this phone, but are these high expectations going to be too much for the new iPhone to live up to? This great device will comfortably handle HD video recording and has some awesome online support with high speed web connectivity. The famed Retina display is incredibly high resolution and you have a choice of a 32GB or 16GB flash drive to play with. The iPhone 4 is fully equipped with online capabilities and with full access to the App Store you have an endless supply of fresh apps toad to your collection.
The main components of the device are mounted on the stainless steal band which gives the new iPhone an industrial look and doubles as the phones antennas, the front and back of the phone are made from a super strength, engineered glass; the same glass used on helicopters and trains, it is twenty times thicker and thirty times harder than plastic and adds to the industrial expression Apple were going for. Inside, the iPhone 4 is powered by an A4 processor which is full of beans when sending you through web pages, loading files and applications run super quick; Apple have the perfect combination of look and performance with the iPhone 4. Apple's very own iOS has been used on this new device and with the phone being the 4th edition to there mobile roster it utilises the new iOS4; from the first moments of picking up the phone you immediately know how to use it, the intuitive multi touch interface was designed to work perfectly with the human hand; so whether you are swiping through pages or using applications the user experience is nothing less than brilliant. The superb Retina display is packed full or technology; the pixel resolution is so high that the naked cannot recognise individual pixels; a great example of this is shown in the web browser, no matter how much you zoom in on a web page the text remains clear and crisp, there is no pixel blur. The 3.5 inch 960 x 640 resolution display is packed full of sensors to give you three dimensional on-screen control which is great for gaming.

The messaging experience on the iPhone 4 is very good, the accelerometer allows you to access the landscape mode, on-screen QWERTY keyboard; it delivers great messaging support and it needs to, with e-mail and IM compatibility along with basic mobile messaging and social network integration the new iPhone has messaging options in abundance. The phone allows you to setup Exchange, Gmail and Hotmail accounts without hassle. The IM support on the phone is pretty good too and you can handle accounts from all of your favourite providers including WindowsLive and GoogleTalk. Apple has also delivered the FaceTime feature as an alternative form of communication; the mini camera installed on the front of the phone allows you to make video calls with other FaceTime users. As you would expect with an iPhone 4 it has 2G, 3G and Wi Fi web connectivity, so getting a reliable web connection is never a problem, the web browser supports multi touch, obviously, but in short the browsing experience is sensational, fantastic and un-beatable. All of you social networks can be managed from dedicated applications or online if you wish, you will never be short of options when it comes to communicating with friends.

Apple have supplied iPhone 4 users with a 5mp digital camera, it comes with an LED flash and some extra sensory equipment to improve picture quality, general snapping is handled very well and the HD video recorder is great for capturing those special moments, you can also upload you content with uncensored YouTube integration, this also allows you to watch your favourite clips online. A built-in iPod to handle your tunes and the phone is compatible with the latest version of iTunes so you can download all your favourite tracks onto your device.
The Apple iPhone 4 is a brilliant piece of kit, the phone delivers a superior performance in almost all fields of mobile technology, with tons of apps to play with straight out of the box Apple have tons more for you to increase you app stable at there online App Store. Multimedia and photography is covered by a digital camera, video and music player, and there are tons of options for communicating with friends with FaceTime calling and social network applications. Apple have succeeded once again, the iPhone 4 rocks.

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