The man of light and life died peacefully: Odisha news

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The former president and nuclear physicist Late Abdul Kalam was just not a talented and prominent scientist but also a very empathetic persona. Abdul Kalam was the greatest and the most promising President of all. He was the only nuclear physicists who were well known for his humble nature and empathetic heart and cordial mind. He never strut walked, never became pompous and always showed concern to every section of the society, as a president.

Odisha Samaya pays tribute to this legendary genius and a very humble persona. Odisha Samaya says that they are honored to be able to cover the news in this matter.

The accomplishments of the ex-president: Oriya News

Abdul Kalam was a very humble person, as commented by Bikas Sinha, the former director of the Kolkata-based Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC) and the Saha institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP). Oriya News updates that the former director said that Abdul Kalam never has any pompousness towards his power, position, education, talent, knowledge and wisdom. The former director reckons that he once invited the DRDA chief APJ Abdul Kalam to his humble barge of SINP.

The former president APJ Abdul Kalam was very open, down to the earth and completely over-whelmed by the 50 years of successful SINP. The DRDA chief even said that he uses the Meghnad Saha equation to determine the trajectory of missiles. No doubt, the man was a very interesting person; highly educated and highly noble, as reported by Odisha News. Bikas Sinha says that he was a great friend of him and his demise is a great loss.

The man of work was simplistic: Odisha News

The iron man won loads of popularity, honor and awards; but his greatest achievement was the post of presidentship. Odisha News says VECC former director memorizes all the old memories related to him. He says, the man of work as down to the earth. He uses to read all the letters send to him and replied them all. He was man of words and man of work with the addition of man of ideology. He resembled the great Albert Einstein.

The game and trick of time and energy: Oriya News

Oriya News has updated that current VECC director Dinesh Kumar Srivastava recalls the fact that there was particularly a letter where APJ Abdul Kalam claimed the fact in his letter, that, “time can be converted into energy, as all the unstable particles decay in time and give out energy”. The person who wrote the letter then, failed to understand the inner meaning of it at that time. The nuclear Physicist was typically concerned about it and requested Srivastava to explain the person the inner meaning of the quotation.

Oriya News states that the nuclear physicist Srivastava recalls the concern which the former president has showed for not being able to make the writer understands the inner meaning of his viewpoint. It is sure that the letter writer has understood the meaning of this beautiful and strong quotation.

He is a well known writer and creative thinker. Odisha news service is honored to have him as a creative writer. He has taken special care for Oriya news live and covered the news decently.

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