The Life And Times Of Kim Kardashian

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When a person hears the name Kim Kardashian, the picture that immediately forms is that of an attractive and lovely socialite with the right looks and the right friends. But is there more to this pretty face?

She is familiar with the camera and has traditionally been party to the attention of the general public. This wasn't always her choice though and some of her earliest spotlight came due to the indisputable fact that her pop was the lawyer for OJ Simpson in his trial that made world press releases.

She's by no means lazy and is concerned in a selection number of different areas that all make a contribution to her growing income pool. She is taking part in modeling and acting and is now also a humanitarian.

Her most widely known endeavors include the E! Real life show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" in which cameras follow the Kardashian family around and tell the story that is their day to day life. While many folk are dazzled at the family escapades, the show has recorded huge numbers of viewers. Kim also took part in the 7th season of "Dancing with the Stars".

Her modeling career saw her posing for Playboy at the end of 2007 with undressed photos. This is not all though and the curvy star was signed as the signature face for Bongo Jeans and this isn't the only advertising campaign that has seen her put her wizardry touch on.

In terms of her picture career, the worst film role that she took on was in the spoof movie of 2008 called "Disaster Movie". In December 2008, the web picture Database, named the flick as the second worst picture ever made.

But her little screen appearances continue to do her good and Kim has recently finished a work out DVD. The results of this is meant to have all women that follow it, shortly get the great curves that she has.

Kardashian fever has even hit Botswana and south africa where the sisters are on a drive to market the sale of diamonds and are also doing some charity work. This is no mean attainment given that the recession implies folk aren't as sure to buy these glittering products. It actually may be said that Kim Kardashian has a finger in each pie.

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