The LG Black Label Series KE970 Will Add A Touch Of Shine To Your Life.

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Hidden beneath the mirror finish of the KE970 lies a bright LCD screen that shines through when needed. The LG Black Label Series KE970 boasts a stunning 2MP camera featuring a Schneider Kreuznach certified lens with autofocus, zoom, and flash. LG has claimed a talk time of three hours for the Shine and they are very true with their words but I don't think that matches the standard battery power a GSM phone should possess. Planned for trendsetters and style the handset makes an exceptional option for persons that are looking to shine everywhere they go. Finished totally from a metal composite,

Unlike imitation metal, Shine provides a top quality appearance and a welcoming touch thanks to its attractive metal body. Shine's superior status is not only a result of its exquisite taste. Though the clips weren't as cloudy as we've seen on other camera phones, we wouldn't want to use the Shine for home movies.

Like most mobile phones, this LG Black Label Series KE970 phone features a small flash that you can turn on or off. It even looks like a proper digital camera from the back.Without the stunning case and the contemporary styling, the LG KE970 Shine would still be a great camera phone, but thanks to its shiny exterior, its a remarkable one. With 1 gigabyte of built in memory and a full featured camera and music player, users can take and store great lengths of videos or an entire library of photos.

File Manager, Like the Windows Explorer, The file Manager allows easy drag and drop file transfer between cellular phone and computer. MP3 Clipper allows you to select your favorite MP3 songs and clip your favorite parts, switch the orders, upload to your mobile phone then, you can easily create unique MP3 ringtones or songs, either for your own or sharing with your friends. The headset works seamlessly with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and even provides a ring over the music to ensure you never miss another call. Designed to work with all MP3 Players and any product with a 3.5mm jack socket including laptops, portable DVD Players, iPods and much more.

Shine represents true innovation and offers a new experience in mobile phone technology allowing a potentially cold and emotionless object to become a naturally attractive, a top quality item. The "Shine" will add a touch of glamour to anyone.

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