The LG Accolade VX5600 Cell Phone - Is This Cell Right For You?

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The LG Accolade VX5600 telephone, additionally known as the LG VX5600, is a cell telephone that is targeted at individuals who tend not to want all the features of today's multi functional devices and prefer to possess a phone that is a phone first along with a few other practical things next.

LG recognized that not every person desires a phone which does every thing, actually there is a developing market for straightforwardness in products and mobile phones are no exception - there is less to go defective, much less to master and less precious time spent messing with particular features that you will never ever really utilize, furthermore you will save funds only paying for features you need.

The Accolade VX5600 contains all you need in order to keep in contact with the individuals most significant to you, whether that is work colleagues or friends and family members and it permits this using its three primary capabilities:

It is first and foremost a cell phone intended for speaking to other people or text messaging them. It does this in a basic and effective way and makes it simple to call up repeatedly utilized phone numbers utilizing voice control.

Secondly, this phone offers a built in Gps offering you precise directions to any area plus you are able to find out where other people are by utilizing the Family Locator service plan, all this is built-in to your connection with the Verizon service.

Third, you have access to the mobile word wide web, which permits an individual to see website pages, but maybe a lot more significantly, for posting as well as getting email messages.

You cannot help but be connected to the significant folks in your life, by using this mobile.

All of this important functionality comes in the timeless flip phone design, which is small, but rugged and most certainly able to take the hits many devices suffer from in a regular day.

The primary capabilities have been outlined above and are the basis for the usefulness of this cell phone. To sweeten the package, however, you will additionally find bluetooth operation for hands-free calls as well as car kits, voice memo saving as well as 2 screens - one on the inside when open plus a more compact display with the important information for instance time, battery indicator, signal strength and so on. Both screens are in color. There's also an organizer function for organizing your week, month or a single day.

If you are looking for a dependable, robust, no-nonsense cell phone, the LG Accolade VX5600 could well be what you need since it performs nicely for business, loved ones connections or some mixture of the two.

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