The Legend of Lobo

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Walt Disney came out with a limited edition presentation in 1962 for the admirers of wolves worldwide. Man has had a long-standing fascination for wolves. The movie documents the life of a young pup Lobo as he grows and moves through the different phases of life through a series of adventures. The movie is well researched and provides an unbiased perspective on the nature of wolves. It highlights their qualities and weaknesses in the most honest way. The plot of this movie is based on the experiences of Ernest Thompson Seton. The movie provides great education as well as entertainment through artful narration by Rex Allen.

The Legend of Lobo was shot in Sedona, Arizona. The background music, provided by Oliver Wallace and Sons of the Pioneers, seamlessly merges with the movie and delivers in terms of support to the storyline. The story itself has been carefully written to provide the thrills without being confusing for young children.

As the movie starts, Lobo, our lead character, starts out with the first full-blown adventure that he would ever encounter. He topples down a cliff when his father leaves him with his brothers and sisters. When he is finally able to climb back up, danger awaits in the form of a cougar. Luckily, before the cougar can harm the pups, he is shot down by some cattlemen who happen to spot the cougar. The wolves escape the wrath of the cattlemen as they are too small to be visible from long range.

Lobo explores new lands with his family in search of a new home after his father returns and decides that their den had become unsafe. He meets different creatures and befriends some. He goes on to leave his family, lead a pack of wolves, choose a mate for himself and explore life on his own. The pack hunts herds of cattle that pass by. This makes the cattlemen furious. They plan to take revenge. What happens when the angry folk start their campaign against Lobo and his wolf pack? Is Lobo able to keep the pack out of danger? Or does this conflict result in an all out war between man and wolves? Who gives up and leaves the territory? All this and more revealed in the “The Legend of Lobo” DVD. This DVD is truly a classic that deserves a place in your as well as your kid’s personal collection. The message, the narration, the photography and the plot, are excellent.

Buy the exciting DVD of The Legend of Lobo from Disney Exclusives and get to know about Lobo’s adventures, as a small pup to the leader of a pack.

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